Lu Xipai’s mad girlfriend was asked “Have you broken up?” and revealed the truth about 6 years of dating | Entertainment | CTWANT

Wu Zongxian’s son, Lu Xipai (Wu Ruixuan), has been in constant controversy. He was arrested at the end of last year for possessing and smoking Class 2 drugs. He held a press conference afterwards to apologize and said frankly that he would fulfill his responsibilities. , was summoned by the District Prosecutor’s Office, suspended for one year, and paid NT$500,000 to the public treasury within 6 months. Various incidents have made the outside world wonder whether the relationship with his girlfriend Shui’er has been affected. Shui’er also responded generously through IG on the 13th.

Shui’er opened fans’ questions on IG for a limited time. When asked “Have you broken up with your boyfriend?”, she first thanked everyone for your concern, and then revealed that the number of quarrels has not decreased, but she has not broken up, “Although we have been dating for more than 6 years, many Everything is still in the process of running in, and I will keep a close eye on him in the future.” He finally said humorously, “If it breaks down someday, I will tell everyone.”

Shui’er generously responded to fans’ questions. (Picture / Flip from Shuier IG)

As for whether she can accept a long-distance relationship, Shui’er shared that she and Lu Xipai had experienced a long-distance relationship for 3 years, separating Taiwan and the United States. She was very uneasy at first, because she couldn’t control what her boyfriend wanted to do, only She can rely on trust to maintain her relationship with Line, “So if you don’t answer the phone and don’t reply to the message, you will be angry!” However, she also laughed that long-distance love is very economical, and there is still a lot of time to do her own thing, ” I also worked hard at that time and successfully saved my first pot of gold!”

Shui’er reminded that you should live your life well no matter what, “Your boyfriend is not your everything, and you shouldn’t take up too much energy and time”, thinking that you should spend more effort on yourself, and finally she emphasized again, “The heart is not enough. Strong people, I really don’t recommend long distances… Looking back now, I think I was too dick.”


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