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Like every good mother, the singer Lucero went out to defend his daughter from the strong offenses, after singing with her father, Manuel Mijares. In addition, the Mexican singer has decided to confirm that her daughter will not be dedicated to music.

Lucero, 13, who has the same name as his mother, was the center of attention after the musical theme he played with his father.

However, fame is not always synonymous with praise and praise, and Lucerito has had to learn evil.

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According to People in Spanish magazine, Lucero's daughter has become the target of criticism through social networks for her physical appearance: "because there were several people who have opined that it does not look as pretty as her famous mother" says the magazine.

And is that users of different social networks have not let the opportunity go and have criticized the child with everything.

"Leave the talent … Where is the beauty of both ?, The gallantry of Mijares and the beauty of Lucero", "I thought it was a man the girl", "Oh my God. I thought it was a man with hair "," it's not that the girl is not ugly, it's not feminine at all, it's not fixed and looks very ugly "," what a party it was for Lucero, it seems the daughter of Sergio Andrade "," what a pity that beauty and talent they have not taken away from his parents "," he looks like a man and his hair is a dick "," I cry when I hear her sing, but the ugly thing that comes out has neither voice nor physical appearance "," oh what a bad thing " , the netizens commented.

Faced with this rain of offenses, Lucero & # 39; pulled his claws & # 39; and through an interview he protected his little daughter.

"Artists and public figures are subject to many criticisms of every kind, some constructive, some very positive and beautiful and others very negative that only serve to block them." Today it is clear that I will always defend it, both you and my son. my biggest treasure and I believe that no father in the world, I'm sure, would like his son to be offended, attacked, hurt or criticized in any way, "said" The Bride of America "in an interview for Sale el Sol de Imagen TV.


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