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Lucerowho was the wife of Manuel Mijares, has formed a successful, wide and recognition career. The result of this is the possibility of owning more than one property for the comfort of her and her children, and as is logical within her home, her tastes and luxuries are not lacking. In a recent interview with the Iberian journalist Alberto Peláez, she was remembered as the “Bride of America” ​​she showed how she decorated and organized her bedroom, and she left more than one of her speechless.

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The actress and singer who dazzled everyone Mexico in the 90s and early 2000s he has become a celebrity and a reference in the show, which is why fans are always interested in knowing what he does, how he dresses, how he sleeps… and even how his room is decorated.

Last time he received the Spanish presenter and journalist Alberto Pelaez, and chose to do it in his bedroom. Both lay down on the bed of the protagonist of soap operas like “Bonds of love”, “Because of her I am Eva” and “I am your master”.

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Lucero Hogaza Leon, his full name, commented on his preferences when resting in his bed. The ex-wife of Mijares She indicated that a good mattress and good pillows are extremely important to her, although if she did not have them on hand, she does not have any problems.

In the program we see that, like her daily style, Lucero’s bedroom looks impeccable, since there is no object out of place. In addition, the color of the room matches perfectly with the decoration of the bed.

“Thank God, I’m a good sleeper, I didn’t suffer from insomnia or those things, I don’t have to take pills either. Sleeping is important to me and happily I don’t have any problems with that, at best I avoid eating much at night and, well, I didn’t drink coffee because I don’t like it”expressed in the talk with Alberto López.


Lucero, at 52, is the mother of two children: Jose Manuel Mijares and Lucero Mijares. The eldest is already 20 years old, while the second is close to reaching the age of majority (17 years old), which is why both have already begun to lead their lives somewhat away from their parents.

The actress confessed in an interview that seeing them gradually separate from them caused her sadness, but she understood that it was part of life and her growth. To know what Lucero’s children are currently doing ENTER HERE.


In an interview for Despierta América, Lucero And your daughter Lucerito Mijares They revealed details of their projects and were consulted about a possible reconciliation after their divorce in 2011.

These rumors, as it is recalled, were fueled after both artists met in 2020, during the pandemic, to perform their musical hits again.

It was there that Lucerito Mijares stole the show with his reaction: “Na…name! Sons! is that… I think it is already a much applauded gossip. I think so, ”he indicated, gesturing for the rumors to stop.

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