Lucía Galán, from Pimpinela, called Daniela Darcourt dramatic during La voz Perú

La voz Perú awarded Marcela Navarro as the winner of the last season of the competition. During the final gala, the new coaches who will arrive for the senior version of the space, which is looking for the most talented older adults, were also presented.

The Duo Pimpinela, Tony Sucar, Eva Ayllón and Daniela Darcourt They were summoned by the driver to give their impressions of what we will see in the next few days. Each of the artists remarked how emotional the auditions were, since they even generated more than once that they broke to tears.

Rivero joked with Tony Sucar on the times he started crying, but it also reminded Daniela that one of the applicants for La voz senior resembled her grandfather. It was there when Lucía revealed that the Peruvian sauce boat found a similarity with any of her relatives, a comment that unleashed everyone’s laughter.

To finish, Cristian Rivero asked the Pimpinela member for the phrase that will be the protagonist during the auditions of La voz senior. Lucía took a step forward with Daniela Darcourt and, staring at her, said: “How dramatic you are!” And burst into laughter with her other companions.

As you remember, Latina premiered this Friday, August 27, the first season of The senior voice. This time, the format of the program is aimed at people of legal age who, due to different circumstances of life, could not have their opportunity in music and who will now have it.

Mike Bahía said goodbye to Peru with a concert in the middle of the street

The coach of La voz Peru said goodbye to his Peruvian fans with an improvised concert after the grand finale of the contest. Mike Bahía got out of the vehicle in which he was going to be transferred, took out his guitar and delighted those present with some of his successes.

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This gesture was applauded by users on social networks, who also highlighted the kindness of the Colombian to respond to the requests of his followers.

Lazy loaded component

Marcela Navarro spoke after winning La voz Perú

The interpreter Marcela Navarro used social networks to talk about her victory in La voz Perú. The young woman expressed her excitement at having taken the trophy and assured that it was a reward for her great effort.

“I never stopped making music, this is my third attempt at a contest. How amazing, thank you. I have no other words but to express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart, “said the singer who signed with Universal Music to release her first single.

The winner of La voz Perú never thought of winning the contest and is grateful for the support of her followers.

La voz Perú: Guillermo Dávila congratulated Marcela Navarro for her triumph

Guillermo Dávila did not hesitate to dedicate a message on social networks to Marcela Navarro, a member of her team who rose as the absolute winner of the last season of La voz Perú. The Venezuelan singer assured that he is satisfied with the performance of all his pupils.

“Congratulations Marcela Navarro. I am very proud and very happy for our triumph. Thanks to all those who were part of my team, they are very talented, the competition was difficult and close, I can only tell you not to stop and to stay in this wonderful and demanding world that is part of music, “he said. On Instagram.

Guillermo Dávila’s publication. Photo: Instagram

The senior voice: participant surprises when singing “Laura is not there”

Jorge Luis Bendezú appeared in The voice Peru senior and sang the song “Laura is not there”. Before his surprising performance, he turned all the jurors around.

“I have always loved to sing. I have been singing at home since I was little, I used to listen to my mother sing. That’s where my passion for music was born ”, confessed the 62-year-old industrial engineer.

Jorge Luis Bendezú

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