Luciana Fuster Rodrigo González peluchin criticizes botox touch-ups: “What an obsession, she looks like Flavia” entertainment | SHOWS

Oops! In the midst of the controversy over not going to the birthday of Patricio Parodi’s sisters, Rodrigo Gonzalez talked about the new interview he offered Luciana Fuster and his radical change in his physical appearance in the face and hair.

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According to ‘Peluchín’, the model has undergone a new ‘retouch’ and applied excessive botox to her face, which would not allow her to have expression lines.

She is 23 years old and they have given her a 70-year-old woman’s botox, she speaks and her face does not move, my goodness, she is a girl. It’s not just the eyebrows, because it doesn’t rise. She is looking like Flavia, and now I see her blonder, my goodness, what an obsession, ”she said.

The host of ‘Amor y Fuego’ remarked that he did not listen to Luciana’s statements because he was focused on seeing the lack of gesticulation on the face. In that sense, Gigi Miter asked the reality girl to “stop her hand” in arrangements because she does not need them.

“Luciana don’t fall for that, I know you have your arrangements like everyone else, you looked quite natural, but now… It is the duck syndrome, they spoil it, when they are with the duck they begin to transform”, he pointed out.

TROME | Teddy about ‘retouches’ by Luciana Fuster: “Her face does not move, she is looking like Flavia”
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Luciana Fuster talked about the recent party organized by Majo and Mafer Parodi for her birthday where Flavia Laos was invited. Patrick Parody She was conspicuous by her absence at the event organized by her sisters and the reality girl explains the reasons.

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The truth is that Pato didn’t even go to the party, they did ask me why I didn’t go, because Pato didn’t go either.then we went to the movies and it’s fine, everyone has their plans. Same duck and I went partyingwe were with Cachaza and with Rafael and other friends, I don’t know if it was the same day, we decided to go to the cinema another day, hence on Sunday I was with my family on the grill and that’s it, “he told América Espectáculos.

Luciana Fuster proud of the images of her first casting for EEG

The member of ‘This is war’, Luciana Fuster She claimed to be delighted with the video of her first casting for ‘EEG, teens’ that went viral on Tik Tok and received praise and criticism for her physical change.

It makes me laugh, it looked like a little mouse, I swear. She sees it and she was totally a baby, she was 15 years old, I was going to turn 16, I had the voice of a pericote. There are a lot of people who tell me: ‘you look the same’ and others tell me that I have changed”, said Luciana Fuster for ‘More shows’.

At that time I didn’t even put on makeup, imagine seven years later… Obviously it’s cute, I love it (the video of the first casting). I see the casting and say: ‘Oh my God, seven years later, look where I am’”added the combatant proudly.

How was your casting?

Luciana Fuster He recalled that the casting was in 2015, there were about 27,000 adolescents who formed long queues outside the facilities of América Televisión struggling to be part of “This is war, teens.”

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It was crazy, my mom was waiting for me outside every hour, sometimes she was at seven in the morning and finished at 6 in the afternoon. There was an incredible queue to dance and speak in internal casting. Then there were two televised. They selected 24 boys and from there they took out the ones that were officially left”, recalled the also announcer.

Luciana Fuster explodes against Peluchín and denies botox on her face

Via Instagram, Luciana Fuster denied that botox was used on her face, as Peluchín said, and stated that she does not need it.

“There are my expression lines, my eyebrows naturally lower, a person who removes expression lines would probably remove everything. I don’t need it, until now, thank God, I’m 23 years old, I think I have beautiful skin, I don’t even wear foundation when I do my makeup”, attacked the member of ‘Esto es Guerra’.


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