Lucid offers to test drive their cars at a Tesla Supercharger, angering Tesla fans

The electric car manufacturer Lucid stood out with a very clever marketing move to try to entice Tesla customers – Lucid representatives offered to test their cars at the Tesla Supercharger charging point in Los Angeles. Nothing inherently new from a marketing standpoint, but overall witty.

Tesla users, however, were not excited about it, mocking this move by Lucid in the social communication app Twitter, which is logical enough in every way – coming to a place where electric car users are already and trying to lure customers away from their direct competitor. The possibility of attracting a customer to a Supercharger seems higher than if such a promotion were held at one of the gas stations in Los Angeles.

Lucid’s Air sedan has generally received good reviews for performance, but the manufacturer has had significant problems ramping up production volumes, which is currently Lucid’s biggest stumbling block.

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