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“He is risen.” With these words announced in the middle of April, the new season “Lucifer” in a short teaser. There was – of course – Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness, in all his masculine splendor. From May 9, fans of the series may again succumb to the devil's hellish charm. Then season four will start on Amazon Prime Video – and will bring along some exciting storytelling.

First of all, the most burning of all questions is: how does Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) react to the fact that she was actually dealing with the corporeal all the time? After all, over the past three seasons, a delicate romance between her and Lucifer (Tom Ellis) has begun. The realization that everything Lucifer told her is true will first have to be dealt with. What will prevail in the end – their feelings for the devil, or a thoroughly understandable aversion to the personified evil?

Hellish Identity Crisis

Lucifer, on the other hand, finally has his devil face again – curse and blessing at the same time for the Prince of Darkness. Because with his face Lucifer gets back one of his strongest powers. At the same time he showed for the first time who he really is. Will Lucifer now accept that he is the devil? Or does the fallen angel have to go through another identity crisis? The latter will depend heavily on how Chloe responds. If she accepts the truth about Lucifer, it might help the devil too. If the opposite is the case, then the dark prince will probably continue to struggle with it.

A trailer released in late April for the fourth season left both options open. For the first time, the film also gave a longer view of serial newcomer Eva (Inbar Lavi), wife of the biblical Adam. Showrunner Ildy Modrovich (“Californication”) described the character in an interview with the online portal “Deadline” as one who “comes in and stirs up everything”. From the trailer it becomes clear what is meant by that: the original sinner Eva encourages Lucifer in his hedonistic behavior and is thus likely to fuel his devilish identity crisis.

But if Lucifer lets the devil hang out, he'll scare Chloe Decker into it rather than help her settle for falling in love with the lords of darkness. What Eva might like in return, because according to official mini-synopsis for season four could Adam's wife, bored of an eternal marriage with Adam, have returned to Earth to retrieve the devil. Whether in revenge for the seduction in the Garden of Eden or love remains open for the time being. One thing is certain: the focus of the new season will be a classic triangle relationship.

Not only do I have to ask Lucifer and Eva but Chloe, but I also have to deal with yet another newcomer, who will be particularly pleased with “Preacher” fans: Graham McTavish (58) will come to Los Angeles as a wandering priest, Father Kinley. He has vowed to protect his sheep from evil, and should have been after it with no one else but the dark prince.

Development in the second row

Staffel also has four exciting development opportunities for some second-row characters. There's Lucifer's Demon Lieutenant Maze, played by Lesley Ann Brandt (37, “Gotham”). The hellish Sidekick spent the last season learning what relationships are and how friendship feels. Now Mazikeen steps up one level. Brandt told the online magazine “TV-Line” in advance: “Maze will fall in love with this season.”

Lucifer's celestial brother Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) has made peace with himself over the past season and is now visiting his sister, the angel Remiel (Vinessa Vidotto). She looks up to her big brother, but has difficulties meeting its equally high standards. Now does the Archangel in Season Four learn to be lenient with others?

That could have an exciting impact on his relationship with Lucifer, and finally on the divine Father. If Amenadiel learns to accept fallibility, he may well accept Lucifer's mistake and give up his mission to send the devil back to hell.

Netflix detoxifies series drastically

Whether it's the other characters like Detective Dan Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro), Ella Lopez (Aimee Garcia) or dr. Linda Martin (Rachael Harris) can develop significantly, remains to be seen. With ten instead of 26 episodes, season four offers far less space than before. The series as a whole should do this drastic purification but good, because fewer episodes mean less gap fillers.

Leading actor Tom Ellis certainly sees advantages in the shortage. “TV-Line” Ellis recently said, “Honestly, I think this format is better for the show.” The story is distilled, each episode is now richer. “It feels more poignant and in every episode there is much more at stake.”

“It will definitely be darker”

Fans of the series can also look forward to a few proverbial hot changes. Since the show is now running in the US at Netflix, instead of as usual at the family-friendly station FOX, Lucifer will probably come up with (even) more bare facts: “There will be more skin, but not only because the show is now on Netflix but also because of the story, “revealed Ellis” TV-Line “.

Also, the characters will probably be allowed more swearing and generally be able to misbehave a bit more, which would fit well with the character of the series. Ellis at least confirmed a more vicious expression of the serial characters: “There are moments when certain characters can say what they want to say.” Dr. Linda actress Rachael Harris (51) also promised: “It will definitely be darker.”

However, friends of the well-kept binge-watching must live with one restriction. Although Netflix will publish as usual all episodes at once. Since the series runs in Germany but on Amazon Prime Video, it is nothing like a relay four-marathon. The provider will bring out the episodes individually.


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