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Lucifer season 5: Can the musical episode answer one of the Devil’s biggest questions?

The musical episode of season 5 could help answer one of the biggest questions of the Devil since the beginning of the Lucifer series.

The sequel to the fifth season of Lucifer will have to answer a number of questions. If a fan theorizes why Michael is so angry with his brother in Season 5 of Lucifer, the Devil is more concerned with the anger of his father. From the start of the series, Lucifer has sought to understand why he was actually banished from Heaven, even though he admits to having done wrong. Maybe the latter will get answers to his questions in the musical episode, just teased by his interpreter Tom Ellis? Indeed, if it is articulated in the same way as the black and white episode of the first part – in which we discover the story of Maze – it could present one of the most important plots of the show. And what bothers Lucifer the most is why he was sent to hell and if there is any chance of redemption.. Who knows, maybe God could tell him more in song!

“There is a lot of humor, but also a lot of emotion. A wide range of emotions shines through in this episode”, teased co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich before adding: “One of the challenges here was figuring out what element we could bring in so that it organically justifies our actors to sing. And when we found the right idea … that’s where it all comes down to. really started to take shape “. On paper, the plot on the discussion between God and Lucifer could totally stick to the universe promised by the musical episode, but it remains to be seen if the writers will not wait until the last minutes of the show to offer us the outcome of this so important story … If the shooting of this second part is about to end, we will have to wait a few more months before discovering it on Netflix ! Luckily you can still pass the time by voting for your favorite shows during the Series World Cup.


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