Entertainment Lucifer season 6: A suite worn only on Maze...

Lucifer season 6: A suite worn only on Maze and the Devil?

If all the protagonists involved have given their agreement for a sixth season of Lucifer on Netflix, nothing is officially confirmed. However, the cast members say they are ready for a new season and show their enthusiasm! However, as the series on The Hell was to end with season 5 – and the coronavirus stopped the last shots to be taken – it is to wonder what story will be told in the following. Already written, season 5 promises to be moving. Tom Ellis also announced a happy ending for the conclusion. How could the writers bring a new burst of episodes without modifying the final season? A user of Reddit has the answer: by creating a spinoff season based on the past of Lucifer and Maze, the two most enigmatic characters in the show.

Lucifer and Maze

“I think if they get season 6 it should be something completely different. They wrote season five as the end and it would probably be difficult to change the story now and shoot new scenes without delaying the exit of season 5 “, declares the user Borkphlosions. “If they change everything at the last minute, it could have a negative impact and largely disappoint the fans. My idea would basically be to have the sequel as a kind of spinoff season where we see the past of Lucifer and Maze”, he concludes. It is true that the fans would be necessarily curious to know the events which occurred before the arrival of the two demons on Earth. However, this is only a suggestion, but it is not yet known what the writers have in mind for this sixth season. As for the next episodes, Lesley-Ann Brandt lets escape a clue on the date of broadcast of season 5 of Lucifer !



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