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There is an object in every city of Latvia, the planning of which is the work of SIA Grupa93. They have also given their hand to the largest project of this century in Latvia – Rail Baltica, which will not only connect us to Europe, but also affect the future development of the Latvian capital, change the face of Riga so much that we will see a completely different city, and change the value of real estate. , logistics, mobility and more.

What will change, how should it be perceived, which is not taken into account? Of Daily Business in a special edition Real Estate tells the city planner and the manager of SIA Grupa93 Neils Balgalis.

Excerpt from the interview

Rail Baltica can be called a project of the century in Latvia and Riga, which will affect both the environment and the daily lives of Rigans. How do you see the impact of this project, are we aware of all the opportunities we can get out of it?

Rail Baltica finally reminds us Rigans of what we have forgotten. Namely, the fact that we are in the middle between Tallinn and Vilnius. Riga is the geographical center of development. In real estate development it is somehow forgotten. It is both a reminder and a call that should also trigger some alarm calls if we look at the development trends in Tallinn and Vilnius. The proximity of Finland to Tallinn has a lot to offer – an influx of tourists and shoppers, as well as port turnover, shipping, and this is reflected in the city’s development. In recent years, Vilnius has taken a big step forward by successfully engaging in the outsourcing business, Kaunas – attracting manufacturing companies around the future Rail Baltica logistics hub.

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