Vote Luis Fernando Camacho in Bolivia

Former civic leader and candidate for Creemos, Luis Fernando Camacho, asked this Sunday to “consolidate” the Bolivian democratic process after casting his vote in Santa Cruz (Bolivia).

We had a hard time recovering a chance to cast the vote“Said the presidential candidate in a short statement to the media, in which he also asked for transparency and the commitment of Bolivians to “guard” the vote. In addition, he reiterated that he does not agree with the suspension of dissemination of preliminary results.

In any case, he called for calm. “With responsibility, we must all go to the polls with (the) biosecurity (standards). Thanking all Bolivians that we can have a quiet day, in peace and democracy”He said next to the voting table, in a school in the center of Santa Cruz, the largest city in Bolivia, accompanied by several of his followers and a high media expectation.

The presidential candidate of the We Believe Alliance is third in voting intention according to polls, behind the former Minister of Economy Luis Arce, candidate for the Movement to Socialism (MAS), of Evo Morales, and former president Carlos Mesa of the Citizen Community (CC).


In recent days, Camacho’s candidacy has been The target of much pressure from a sector of public opinion that has considered that his candidacy favors the MAS and it hurts the candidate with the best chance of defeating the party that ruled Bolivia for almost fourteen years.

We believe that a good part of its voting intention is concentrated according to the polls in Santa Cruz, the largest region and the main economic engine of Bolivia.

This Sunday, more than 7.3 million voters who will have to decide between the five candidates who remain in the race, after the decline of three nominations, are enabled to vote. The voting day began at 8:00 local time (12:00 GMT) and is expected to last until 17:00 (21:00 GMT), one hour more than usual due to the biosecurity measures that are applied by the pandemic.

Despite the fact that more voting precincts have been enabled and it has been organized in two shifts, depending on the completion of the identity document number, the lines of voters have been extensive in a good part of the country’s voting precincts .

(With information from EFE)


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