Luis Novaresio, in PH: from his “cowardice” for not being able to say goodbye to Rozín to the photo of the cat that went viral

From emotion to laughter. So was the step Luis Novaresio for the Telefe program PH, we can talk. It is that, first, the journalist remembered his friend Gerardo Rozín, made a ‘mea culpa’ and regretted not having been able to say goodbye before his departure; later he remembered with laughter the photo of his cat that went up on the networks several years ago and that went viral because he revealed that he was looking at a porn page on his computer.

“Were you a friend of Rozín?” Was Andy Kustnesfoff’s question that triggered the journalist’s lament. “Yes, he was a friend,” replied Novaresio. According to him, they met in Rosario although they did not work together, but later when he moved to the city of Buenos Aires they got together with the also Rosario journalist Reynaldo Sietecase.

“He was a friend and I have a special question because I didn’t have the courage to say goodbye to him. When I found out, Daniel Hadad told me, I knew it was inevitable. And no, no, no…”, Novaresio tried to explain, but it was difficult for him to find the words. “I had to accompany many people to the end and no… what happened to Gerardo seems unfair to me,” he then explained with a sad voice.

“Didn’t you go for coffee?” Kusnetzoff then asked. “I called him and he got mad because he hadn’t called him before, with good reason. We agreed to meet, of course I’m difficult and I didn’t go. Actually, I realized after he passed away that I had been a coward, a shit, I don’t know what… for not being able to face the story of… it’s very difficult”, he added.

“Daniel told me that Gerardo wanted to talk, he told me that he called me all the time, ́’to you and Reynaldo, the people from Rosario,'” the driver continued, and acknowledged: “I am deeply sorry, and all the time I suppose I philosophize about the end, about death, that I have more or less clear about all this. But every time you are faced with such a fact…nothing. I did not know how to do it, I was not up to it, ”he completed.

After the sad moment he lived remembering his deceased friend Gerardo Rozín, Novaresio starred in a fun moment in PH. The journalist laughed along with the rest of the guests when remembering his famous viral photo in which he wanted to show his cat but ended up showing a gay porn page on his computer.

After remembering his first relationship with a man, shortly after arriving in Buenos Aires and after a walk along Santa Fe Avenue, Andy Kusnetzoff asked him to tell the behind-the-scenes image that went viral in 2016.

“I like dogs. When I came to live here in Buenos Aires, a cat entered me through the window. He stayed and one day the vet explained to me that they choose where to live, and so he stayed. One day I was writing on the computer and I swear to you that the cat reads, so I took a picture of it with my cell phone saying ´the cat reads´ without taking into account that someone was going to zoom in and on the screen that was not on there was a page of gay porn ”, he reviewed. “Those damned ones always zoom in,” Flor Vigna shouted at that moment, unable to contain her indignation. “You have to be fucked in life to do that,” she added immediately.

“One week the Novaresio cat was Trending Topic, and the memes that were there were wonderful,” he recalled with a laugh, and clarified, in response to Andy’s questions, that he did not go out to clarify anything and that he deleted the photo. “I was convinced that there was no telling. How am I going to count if heterosexuality is not counted?

“I deleted the photo and didn’t say anything. In analysis, I realized that the unconscious is wise. That one wanted to … ”, she explained without finishing the sentence. Later, he said that the episode, rather than embarrassing him, left him disconcerted. “At that time it was tremendous, I was in a relationship with someone who did not want it to be made public,” he continued.

Novaresio, who today is married to real estate businessman Braulio Bauab, finally made a funny confession: “What hurt me the most, enormously, was that there was a current that said ´you are looking at a very old porn page. Those pages are no longer seen.

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