Luis Segovia, a different central

Independent of the Valley It is one of the sensations of the moment worldwide. The set led by Miguel Angel Ramirez has earned international respect thanks to his triumph in the South American Cup 2019 and his way of playing. The Spanish coach triumphs in Ecuador with a studied position game, with advanced lines and the goalkeeper as one more outfield player. Sangolquileños exercise a constant suffocating pressure that wears down your rivals and knocks them out with quick triangulations in which any member of the staff participates. And this is the secret of the success of the Rayados del Valle: all attack and all defend equally; they practice total football within the reach of very few.

In this gear that -although it sometimes suffers some imbalance due to the risk it entails- is generally perfect, one of the key roles is played by defense. Not only because of the security and solidity it brings back, but because of what they influence the team’s attack. Aggressive and fast wingers such as Anthony Landázuri, Beder Caicedo or Angelo Preciado who combine with centrals who join the offensive phase such as Richard Schunke or Luis Segovia. Precisely the latter is being one of the great bastions of Independiente del Valle in 2020.

Segovia, from 22 years, stands out for its versatility. It is not a central to use, since it incorporates many movements of left side, position in which he can play if the situation requires it. Left handed, with good ball handling, is aggressive in recoveries and his figure is very important in the exit of the ball, managing the times and breaking lines and finishing the play in the rival area.

The player emerged in The National he builds, defends in and out of his area, anticipates and covers spaces, has a good long pass and is very fast. Also, one of its greatest virtues is its ease of reaching the area. He is a defender with goal hunger, as this season has already shown, and has a very powerful far shot.

He needs to improve in the passing game and have greater strength in the brand, because sometimes he abuses his offensive role. For the rest, Segovia meets certain conditions that place it as one of the most interesting power stations not only in Ecuador but also in the South American continent and the call of Gustavo Alfaro for the Selection. The new coach of the Tricolor gives the list for the start of the Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualifiers next Wednesday and in Ecuador there are already many who ask for a place for the Independiente del Valle headquarters.

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