Lukashenka does not stop wasting his threats: not only Europe will shake

Speaking to the media, A. Lukashenko stated that the response to the allegedly planned attack, which he is talking about not for the first time, will be unexpected and powerful. “Who needs it” he allegedly announced.

“If suddenly someone attacks us, listen, you have no idea how we can respond. I said who needs it. We will no longer discuss the issue of a “clean” or “dirty” nuclear bomb. This is no longer under consideration. We will respond in such a way that not only Europe will shake. It’s not just us, it’s our agreements with Russia, our joint group of forces,” A. Lukashenka said.

A. Lukashenka, who visited Yerevan the day before, called on Ukraine to “stop” and threatened to destroy the country. That’s how he sent a sign, supposedly Ukraine must sit down with Russia at the negotiating table.

After the meeting of the leaders of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), A. Lukashenko was asked whether the possibility of concluding a peace agreement with Ukraine was discussed at the meeting. He said that it was mentioned only in passing, because the situation in Ukraine was not the main topic there.

“Everything is in Ukraine’s hands. Not because I want to push this topic to Zelensky and Ukraine. In fact, now everything is in Ukraine’s hands. Unless they want huge numbers of people to die. It’s hard, but it has to stop, it has to stop, because the next step will be the complete destruction of Ukraine… This is not what Putin once said, long before the “operation”, that it would threaten the loss of statehood – it would be the destruction of Ukraine. We need to stop,” A. Lukashenko told the gathered journalists.

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