Lukashenka on the situation at the border: It is clear that Poland does not deploy troops against Germany | World news

President Bia³orusi Alaksandr Lukashenka received a report on the situation on the border on Monday at the presidential palace in Minsk.

– The situation in neighboring countries is unfavorable for us. Moreover, the authorities of these countries have entered the course of confrontation with Belarus – he assessed.

– The leaders of these countries make statements in which they directly accuse our country of organizing a migration crisis. Moreover, they decided to mislead the entire international community with their accusations. Consider, for example, their speeches at the UN General Assembly, ‘added Lukashenka.

He stressed that an “international gang” was to be responsible for the transport of migrants. – Belarus is not the only way of migration. More people are trying to get to the EU via the Mediterranean Sea, he stressed.

– They are coming here using our visa waiver. They are transported to the border, and then across the border. And there – in Poland, Lithuania and other countries – the biggest criminals catch them, for example in Poland, and send them further to Germany. Poland is not a destination for migrants. They are going to Germany, France and partly Great Britain – he enumerated.

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Alexander Lukashenka on the situation at the border

The politician said that, allegedly, troops were to be “deployed” near the Polish border with Belarus.

– Regardless of where troops are deployed in Poland, it is clear that they are not deployed against Germany. Moreover, these troops are deployed by foreign countries, primarily the United States of America, he assessed.

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– We can see how Lithuania is doing everything to show its loyalty to NATO and USA. The saddest, however, is the situation in Ukraine. We see what they are doing there. Not only our “refugees” fled there, but training camps are being created to work against Belarus, as the secret services say – he added.

As Lukashenka said, “it is clear what role Poland plays in the EU.” – Is under umbrella Americans. They cause the European Union as many problems as the Polish authorities do to us. And they put pressure on the European Union by saying that we want to launch a hybrid attack on the European Union, he said.

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The President of Belarus also referred to the joint military exercises of Ukraine and NATO forces that began last week. He announced that Belarus would react to these exercises together with Russia, although he did not specify what the response would be. He noted that he had discussed the situation in Ukraine with the Russian president Vladimir Putin.

– NATO troops are going to Ukraine. They create bases under the guise of opening training means – he said. As he added, “it is clear that you need to react to this.”

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