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Lukashenko presented his dossier to Patrushev while he was studying in Minsk

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko during a meeting in Minsk with the secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev gave him a file collected during his studies and work in Belarus. About this relationships BelTA Agency.

"I decided to give you a dossier on your service and work here," Lukashenko said. "Addresses, passwords, aspects: everything is here. But it is surprising: in those years no titles were seen and therefore he became a great man. I think you'll be happy to remember those years, "he added.

Nikolai Patrushev in 1974-1975 was a student of the higher courses of the KGB in Minsk.

During his visit to Belarus, Patrushev met the Secretary of State of the Security Council of Belarus Stanislav Zasem and held consultations on security in the region. During the meeting with Lukashenko, he also discussed the fight against international terrorism, said BelTA.

At the end of August, Minsk was visited by US Assistant President of National Security John Bolton. During the visit, he met with President Alexander Lukashenko and the Foreign Minister of Belarus Vladimir Makei. Subsequently, the President of Belarus announced his willingness to begin relations with the United States by a "new sheet".



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