Lukashenko presented his version on migrants: a disaster at the border

“We will discuss how we will continue to work. After all, it is wrong for people to suffer. Well, they dressed, fed them, took the firewood there, handed over some tents. But in winter they will freeze. After all, these are people who came from thousands of miles south. In short, a humanitarian catastrophe at the border, “he said A. Lukašenka. His words were quoted by the press service of the presidency.

“The neighbors have declared a state of emergency and are not letting anything in there. So that no one would know how people die there, “the authoritarian said President of Belarus.

“We need to look at the situation at the state border. At the same time, I would ask you not to focus solely on what is happening to migrants. There is no need to limit yourself to this issue. We have other very serious, more important problems. Problems with defense, ”he said.

This year, thousands of migrants, mostly Iraqis, from Belarus arrived in IT IS Lithuania, Poland and Latvia.

This year, almost 4.2 thousand people entered Lithuania across the border with Belarus. illegal migrants.

Lithuania and Poland tried to expel more than 8.5 thousand people into the territory of Belarus in August and September. refugees, State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus Alexander Valfovich said on Sunday.

“In August and September alone, more than 700 attempts to expel people from Poland and Lithuania to the territory of Belarus were prevented. Poles and Lithuanians tried to expel over 8.5 thousand people into the territory of Belarus. refugees, ”he said on ONT television.

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According to A. Valfovičius, this is “not a solution to the problem”.

“We need to sit down at the negotiating table and find a consensus,” he said.

The Secretary of State for the Security Council said that “instead of working under existing international agreements and bilateral agreements, which have in principle always been respected, the West is trying to distance itself from the problem with barbed wire.”

“It simply came to our notice then that we were killing people. Instead of resolving this through conventional diplomatic channels, instead of looking for a solution to the problem, the West is trying to accuse Belarus of waging some kind of hybrid war. There is really nothing like it, “said A. Valfovičius.

In recent months, thousands of migrants, mostly from the Middle East, have been trying to get from Belarus to Lithuania, Poland and Latvia.

This year, almost 4.2 thousand people entered Lithuania across the border. illegal migrants, most of them Iraqis.

Vilnius accuses the Minsk regime of organizing migratory flows and calls it hybrid aggression. As a result, a state of emergency has been declared in the country.

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