Lukashenko’s health mystery: from fleeing Moscow to bandaged hand. The rumors about doubles and the disease

The opposition prepares for the succession in the event of death, because whoever is at his service today acts in the terror and it is not obvious that he will remain faithful to him even after. And in the meantime they chase each other opposite voices: be there Russia to want to eliminate it to annex the Belarus easily in case of defeat in Ukraineor that on the contrary Mosca do everything possible to keep him in power, since he has always been his iron ally. At the moment, however, there is no certainty about the dictator’s health conditions Minsk Aleksandr Lukashenkowhich after the participation in Victory Parade on Red Square last May 9th (pictured right) he had hastily returned to his homeland, apparently for a HIGHLANDS. There are those who believe it is seriously sick and who, even, already gave him up for dead.

The photos and the movie – After days of silence, however, the Belarusian president returned to public appearances on 15 May. A photo that appeared on the website presidential portrays him standing, rigidin jacket military, while saluting an officer. Another picture shows him sitting at the desk of a command post: it appears with a fixed gaze, almost like a statue of wax (pictured left)writes the opposition site Nasha Niva. A video of Lukashenko speaking to the military then appeared on a channel Telegram linked to the presidential press service. In the images, however, a bandage can be seen covering the left hand of the Belarusian leader. A bandage similar to the one that was seen on the right hand during the parade at the Kremlin from last week. In the video, Lukashenko he then speaks to the agents in an unusually hoarse and weak voice, sometimes pausing between words. The intent of the media was to dispel the rumors and reports that Lukashenko was seriously ill, but it has had the result of raising new questions.

In schemes authoritarian how’s that Belarusianclosed on the outside and hermetic on the inside, it is always difficult to find information trustworthybut give it oppositions they are convinced: “Lukashenko he is seriously ill,” the former culture minister said in recent days Pavel Latushko, currently in exile. The leader of the opposition Svetlana Tikhanovskayaalso outside the country, goes further and invites us to “be well prepared for every scenario” asking for the help of the international community to be “proactive and fast”. Also from Kiev the same news arrives, with the representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate Andriy Yusov which confirms the information, but believes that for the Ukraine and for the whole world “the health of Putin is much more interesting.” There Russia, meanwhile, invited to stick exclusively to official information. Which, however, are not there.

The plans of the Belarusian opposition – “There may be a moment in Belarus in which the regime will change and new forces will be needed to lead the country on the path of democracy. The Belarusian people do not support the regime, they are just oppressed and cannot change it, but if something shows signs of change, the Strength democratic Belarusians must be ready for new elections and the seizure of power,” said the MEP and former Lithuanian defense minister Juozas Oleks speaking to journalists at the end of the meeting between a group of parliamentarians from the Baltic country and representatives of the Belarusian opposition in exile.
Alexander Dobrovolskyadviser to the leader of the Belarusian opposition, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, stated that the preparation of an alternative government to the one currently in power a Minsk is the main concern of the opposition: “We know,” he said Dobrovolsky“That Putin will not stand by and watch what is happening in Belarus without trying to prevent the country from veering towards Europe. Our task will be mobilize citizens to defend independence and ask the military forces not to contribute to Russian aggression, nor to engage in repression”.

The case of Vladimir Makei – Among the events that have shaken in recent months Minsk, even “sudden death” of the foreign minister Vladimir Makei. A death that is still shrouded in mystery. The announcement of his disappearance, which took place last year Novemberfell on the same day that the Ukrainian media published claims by an American research center that the Russian president Vladimir Putin allegedly had a plan to carry out an assassination attempt, or a fake assassination attempt, a Lukashenko to intimidate him and thus push him to intervene directly with his troops alongside Moscow in the Ukraine. Close collaborator of Lukashenko since 2000, then his chief of staff and finally head of diplomacy since 2012, Make he had staunchly defended Russia’s motives for justifying its military operation in Ukraine. But last September, when he was at New York for the UN General Assembly, he said in an interview with France 24 That Minsk was interested in also keeping “open the channels of communication” with Europe, defining the EU as “a good partner commercial and economic”. As for theUkraineaffirmed the need to “put an end to the conflict as soon as possible” through the vie diplomatic.

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