Luksic and Hirsch clashed on Twitter over the attack on the Baquedano statue

This Friday, a group of protesters spray-painted the monument to General Manuel Baquedano with red, located in Plaza Italia. During the early hours of this Saturday, the work was cleaned and restored in its original colors.

However, on social networks the discussion about this continues intervention that generated the rejection of government authorities, the municipality of Santiago and the Army.

Businessman Andronicus Luksic He also joined the criticism through his Twitter account and asked “More respect for history, more respect for the heroes of the country.”

“Everyone is aware of who repainted the statue of General Baquedano, and no one asks who vandalized it and painted it red! We are with totally changed priorities in Chile“, wrote.

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Minutes later, the deputy Tomás Hirsch (Humanist Action) replied Luksic’s tweet to request “More respect with millions of Chileans who survive with miserable salaries and pensions, who mobilized and did not get any response.”

Along the same lines, the parliamentarian took the opportunity to request support for the bill that seeks to impose a tax on those with gross assets over US $ 22 million, denominated like “tax to the super rich”.

The discussion did not stop there, as the businessman responded to Hirsch, noting that “if you have something serious to propose, do it, that corresponds to you. But don’t dress as a ‘humanist’ while advocating violence, which destroys lives, cities and jobs“.


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