Lula, who underwent hip surgery, takes the opportunity to cosmetically intervene on his eyelids

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The president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silvatook advantage of a hip operation this Friday for an aesthetic intervention on his eyelids that, he hopes, will rejuvenate his face.

“The president underwent surgery, hip arthroplasty, Prosthesis placement was already on the schedule, and the procedure went without problems. The president is already awake and speaking,” said Roberto Kalil Filho, the president’s personal physician.

Kalil also added that it was decided to take advantage of the anesthesia to perform a plastic surgery on the eyelids. The intervention consisted of a total hip arthroplasty, in which a prosthesis was installed in the president’s body.

Lula, 77 years old, He complained of hip pain on several occasions during the grueling 2022 election campaign. He also said he did not undergo the procedure immediately after taking office so as not to show weakness and make people believe he was “old.”

The leader of the first economy in Latin America You will not be able to travel for four to six weeks. It is expected that at the end of November he will participate in the COP 28 in the United Arab Emirates.

Lula also underwent a blepharoplasty during his intervention at the prestigious Syrian-Lebanese Hospital in Brasilia. Surgery consists of removing the excess eyelid skin, an intervention that is usually performed on people over 40 years of age, when the patient begins to show signs of aging.

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