Luminar Neo finally gets undo and redo capabilities with update 1.9

Since the AI/KI-based image processing program Luminar Neo was released in early 2023, it has been receiving free updates every few weeks, improving details and also fixing small bugs. New functions are added, some of which should have been there at the start, other functions. The size of the functional extension is obtained via extensions that are either purchased as needed or are included in bundles and with certain subscriptions.

With the last update to version 1.8.0, the program received sliders for preset intensity and before-after split, among other things. The LUT preview and raw sorting in the catalog are new (photo internally reported). With each innovation, Skylum strives to build the features photographers and photo editors want into the Luminar Neo photo editor to make photo editing that works with artificial intelligence even more useful and reliable.

With the latest update to version 1.9.0, the program finally has functions for undoing and redoing an editing step, which are better known as rUndo/Redo functions. Users can now undo editing steps or simply redo them afterwards , which makes it easy to experiment with different editing tools or an edit. In addition, the performance of the raw develop and masking tools has been improved, making photo editing even more efficient. By fixing other bug fixes, the editing software is now even faster and more stable.

Bug fixes Mac version:

  • Smooth redirection to Luminar Marketplace when clicking on «My Images» -> «View All» and then clicking on the «Get More Assets» button on the «Layers» tab.
  • Marking a preset as a favorite without scrolling up or down the preset list.
  • Applying a preset without disabling the Sky AI and Sky Booster AI tools.
  • While synchronizing adjustments to a new image, the original low-resolution image is no longer displayed-
  • Filtering the catalog without a previously selected image disappearing.
  • The position of the before/after slider is not reset even after reopening.
  • When using the Before/After mode, the original image can be displayed without any delay.

Bug Fixes Windows:

  • A previously purchased preset collection will appear in the For This Photo window without the Get button.
  • In the split before and after view, Quick Previews can be clicked without an edited image flashing
  • The previously purchased and X-Membership defaults are also displayed when you log in again
  • The images in the catalog view are not affected when scrolling and changing the preview size to small

Prices and Availability

Update 1.9.0 for Luminar Neo is available free of charge for users with a Luminar Neo license or subscribers since May 2nd, 2023. The program, which is available for the Mac and Wondows platforms, is available both for purchase (149 euros) and as a subscription (from 8.25 euros per month), with different packages being available with and without the paid extension. Information on this is available on the product page under «plans» and can be found in the app stores.

Try out: Luminar Neo is available as a free trial for seven days.

Further information

Luminar Neo (product page)

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