Lung cancer: increasing in women

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Lung cancer is on the rise in women. These represent 34.6% of new diagnoses. This growth is linked to smoking, according to the latest data from the National Cancer Institute.

The “face” of lung cancer is gradually changing in France. The figures indicate that there are fewer young people, more women and older non-smokers, who are victims.

Each year in France, nearly 46,000 new cases of lung cancer are diagnosed.

Cancer League.

Lung cancer in women

Lung cancer on the rise in women. The figures are alarming. They represented 16% of patients in 2000, and 24% in 2010. Today, 34.6% of new diagnoses are women. Smoking is singled out by specialists. 40% of new cases of lung cancer under the age of 50 are women, they point out.

the smoking is responsible for this disease in more than 80% of cases, together indicate the league against cancer and theHealth Insurance. Among women aged 45 to 64, the trend is upward.

Increase in lung cancer among non-smokers

The Pulmonary Society notes that 12.6% of lung cancer patients are non-smokers. While they were 10.9 in 2010 and 7.2% in 2000. On the other hand, the population affected by this cancer is more aging: over 80 years old, non-smokers.

Good news: there is a decrease in this pathology among young people, no doubt a consequence of the prevention campaigns against tobacco, which end up bearing fruit.

Lung cancer: the most common symptoms

Lung cancer must be diagnosed as soon as possible to provide better support. To do this, you need to know the first symptoms:

  • A persistent cough that gets worse
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Chest or shoulder pain
  • An abnormal change in the voice
  • The presence of blood in the sputum
  • wheezing
  • Intense and prolonged fatigue
  • Difficulties swallowing
  • Sudden loss of appetite, abnormal weight loss

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