Lupillo Rivera of the positive Covid 19 Is it serious?


The singer Lupillo Rivera He was infected for the second time with Covid-19. This was reported through a press release, where he regretted having to cancel his work commitments.

“This morning I woke up feeling very bad, I called my doctor, who immediately ordered me to take a COVID-19 test. The result was positive, so I must act responsibly and stay home for a couple of weeks. I am very sorry not to be able to comply with the schedule of activities that I had agreed upon, as soon as possible I will resume all my commitments, “the 49-year-old singer reported in a statement that was published on the entertainment journalist’s social networks. Alex Kaffie.

According to information published by the newspaper The reason, the brother of the late singer Jenni Rivera, learned of his infection on Saturday and had to cancel his trip scheduled for Sunday to Mexico City, where he would participate in the Soy Grupero festival. The artist’s presentation would take place this Tuesday, but he would arrive early to rehearse.

In December of last year the singer overcame his first contagion of Covid-19 in a good way. On that occasion his girlfriend Giselle soto it also tested positive. According to statements made on their social networks by Rivera and that were published by MSN at your opportunity, the main symptoms he had were loss of smell and taste, cut body and cough.

“It was a very difficult process and we are happy because we have already tested negative for the coronavirus. All five of us tested negative for covid-19, “said the singer after he, his girlfriend and their three children defeated the virus. According to the artist, to improve faster he removed flour and sugar from his diet.

“We recorded the whole process, all the vitamins, fruits, vegetables and everything we did. People who have the coronavirus go to the hospital and are told to go home. I did a process of many vitamins and different foods, I removed the bread, flour, carbohydrates and sugar, “he said.

This time there are no details of how the artist is, nor if he is at home or in a medical center. However, recent statements published on the Instagram account of I am Grupero, where the singer would appear, gives clues about his good health.

“Lupillo Rivera began to have symptoms of # Covid19 yesterday, so he went to take a test that unfortunately came out positive. He is in good health and this will only modify his participation in the Eighth Anniversary of #SoyGrupero since it will be done remotely. For us, the most important thing is the health and well-being of the artists and participants, so we will have Covid tests at the event. Thank you Lupillo for your support even in this situation! ”They published, confirming that Lupillo will sing even with Covid.


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