Luxury way to travel, celebrate and stay in shape


Forget the binge eating at the hotel buffet for two weeks and come back home to find out that you've put on another five pounds, it's a new way for people to go on vacation.

These types of trips, which promise to make you work during the day and keep you entertained at night, are part of the "wellness tourism" banner.

But few places have managed to push both the wellness side and the party side beyond W Hotels with their "Fuel Weekend" weekends.

The wellness tourism industry is no longer to be ignored, the last year earned over 900 million dollars, according to the Global Wellness Institute.

Wealthy travelers are particularly interested, forcing thousands of people to abandon the usual tourist hotspots and get away from crowded landmarks and sweating people to take the perfect selfie.

Fuel weekends are based on stretching your ass all day and then partying late into the night. But there are no hangovers here, instead, everyone wakes up and starts again, sweating the night before.

"Detox, retox, repeat", promises the weekend in the incredible Thai island of Koh Samui.

Of course, if you are a journalist often tied to the desk, it is the repeated part that was the most difficult, trying to get you out of bed after a night of partying and a day of furious exercise with heat at 40 ° C and tropical humidity at 100 %

But it is the W Weekend Fuel coaches who are not joking. Two of the top F45 coaches were there to give classes all weekend, shouting at the dozen crazy enough to let their class pass.

If you've never heard of F45, it's a notoriously difficult HIIT training gym that offers such good results that has exploded around the world with hundreds of branches around the world.

C & # 39; s also the Australian coach Bec Dolan, whose "Sweat with Bec" training leaves his legs locked in a swath of booty throughout the session.

There were also three Muay Thai coaches who organized daily lessons in the kickboxing sport famous throughout the country.

And of course, if the type of training "you can't get out of bed in the morning" is not what you are looking for, there is also yoga in some of the most picturesque places in the world and other workouts that have helped the pain rather than increase it.

Cocktails are also "healthy", made with antioxidant-rich juices and sugar-free soft drinks. And if the fitness classes get a little too much, there are cooking classes where the five-star chefs in the hotel teach you how to cook traditional Thai food and the BBQ with the Fuel Weekend crew.

But W is not just about physical fitness. While you limp around the hotel, built on a hill full of rainforest and just steps from the beach, there are also the Fuel Weekend parties to prepare you.

As the sun sets over the sandy beaches of Koh Samui, the sneakers and hotel guests party together until late at night. W even admits that "letting go is essential for a healthy holiday".

"In addition, dancing all night burns calories", supports the hotel.

"Well-being is not just a lifestyle, it is a way of life – so why pause your workouts when you go on vacation or give up a vacancy to continue your routine?"

Despite the ridiculously unsuitable body of this journo that struggles for most workouts, it would be difficult for you to find a weekend that would set up workouts in more picturesque locations or organize more luxurious parties than W Koh Samui.

The incredible Thai hotel is located in the dense rainforest right on the beach. Each villa has its own small Olympic-size swimming pool and if you are not satisfied, there are some rainbow-colored mosaic pools positioned against the hill where you can swim other guests.

And even if the hotel is not enough, W Koh Samui is a short taxi ride from the various beaches and waterfalls of white sand on the tropical island. Right in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand, the hotel is also a short boat ride from the best dive sites in the country.

The next fuel weekend will hit W Muscat in Oman in October. The best trainers will undoubtedly let you sweat most of your body weight in the Middle Eastern heat if it's something like the Thai weekend.

And if the Middle East is too far away, soon W Hotels will not be far from Australia. W Brisbane was inaugurated in 2018 and by 2020 there will be a W in Sydney and Melbourne. was a guest of the Koh Samui Fuel Weekend at the W Hotel.



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