Lying and the desire for retribution


Welcome to the 88th episode of the F.A.Z. Opposition podcast!

At the beginning of the program, we take a look at the United Kingdom, where a Scottish Court of Appeal has declared the leave of absence of the British Parliament unlawful – but the Supreme Court has yet to hear the last word.

In the tranquil town of Altenstadt, a politician of the NPD was elected mayor, which caused a moderate scandal – but the local law holds a way out of the situation ready.

In the case of a hundred times child abuse at a campsite in Lügde the verdict has been pronounced. The outrageous crime also gives us reason to talk about the meaning and purpose of punishments and the significance of retaliation in German law.

Against the former national footballer Christoph Metzelder running a preliminary investigation, because he should have sent child pornography material. We explain the conditions under which reporting of such suspicions is permitted.

The Frankfurt Higher Regional Court has ruled that as a rule, underage marriages that have been concluded within the EU are to be recognized – at least if those involved in the marriage were older than 15 years.

The fair verdict this time is not particularly fair, but casts a spotlight on the completely outdated communications in the judiciary.

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03:05 New developments in the UK
07:39 Eklat to NPD Ortsvorsteher
17:56 Lying and the desire for retribution
34:51 Metzelder and the press right
47:40 Recognition of a miner's marriage
53:23 Groundbreaking verdict

Show notes:

Free appeal trial subscription:

New developments in the UK:

Crash for NPD-mayor:ündigungsschutzverfahren

Lying and the desire for retribution:

Metzelder and the press law:!5623741/

OLG Frankfurt to children marriage

The groundbreaking verdict:


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