Lyrics and video of Baby Hello, the new collaboration of Rauw Alejandro and Bizarrap

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Baby Hello is the new single Raw Alejandro y Shaving, published on Friday, June 23. The theme has already entered the list of music trends of YouTube, led by another song of his. The artists have presented two collaborations in the same week. In the early morning of June 21 to 22, Music Sessions #56 was released, whose video clip surprised his fans with the announcement of a second album together.

The Argentinian and the Puerto Rican joined forces to give shape to a composition that bets again on pop, electronic sounds and danceable rhythms. This other attempt to have one of the summer hits in 2023 once again presents a bawdy letter. “Baby, hello, it was because of the story that you uploaded to your ‘close’. I saw that you were alone and that you wanted to bellaquear and turn onwe are going to remember the times of the motel”, repeats the boyfriend of Rosalía in his chorus.

The video of Baby Hello it’s the director’s work Martin Seipelwho had already worked with Raw Alejandro on multiple occasions. The artist takes out Shaving of the study of blue lights that appears in his clips and he takes it along with his astronaut helmet into space. The piece shows summer scenes and different people on what could be described as a beach on the lunar surface.

The two themes of Raw Alejandro con Shaving They come after other singles that the singer has released throughout 2023, such as Panties and Bras, tamo in note y yummy ch**ngamos. He also launched with Rosalía last march RR. This EP includes three tracks in which they sing together, including Beso and Vampiros.

Shaved, haha

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