Lyrics in Spanish and video of Oral, the song by Björk and Rosalía

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Björk He released a new song on Tuesday, November 21. Coinciding with her 58th birthday, the Icelander has returned with Oralsingle and video clip in collaboration with Rosalía.

Björk is the author of the song, while Rosalía has participated in the production and arrangements. In the video clip, directed by Carlota Guerrero and created with the help of the artificial intelligenceyou can see both artists engaging in combat wrestling and demonstrating their skills wielding a katana.

Oral it’s a single supportivesince the singers will donate their rights to the income generated to the non-profit organization AEGISwho fights to combat the open pen fish farming in Iceland. Their record companies have agreed to do the same. “All funds raised will go towards the legal fees of protesters, who are taking action to stop the development of intensive farms that harm wildlife, deform fish and pose risks to salmon DNA and survival. Immediate action is crucial”, you can read in the description of the video clip.

The stars initially announced their collaboration last October 5th and the single was scheduled to be released on the 27th of that same month, but it was postponed to November 9. After a second delaythe topic has finally seen the light.

“This is a song of mine from 25 years ago that I wrote inspired by a rhythm of dancehall. Rosalía’s experiments with genre and her incredible voice made her an obvious guest for the song. I feel blessed that she accepted and she and her team are giving her work and all profits to this battle. “I think there’s somehow an elegant resonance in the fact that our two voices are the same age on the recording,” Björk explained on Instagram.

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