Lyrics to Now And Then, the new Beatles song with the help of artificial intelligence

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Now And Then It is presented as the last song of the Beatles. This single from the band, published on Thursday, November 2, brings together the four members of the British group thanks to the artificial intelligence. A short documentary film available on your channel YouTube tells the story of this ballad and how it came to light in 2023.

John Lennon He recorded several demos at his home in the mid-70s. After his death in 1980, Yoko Ono gave his tapes to Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr y George Harrison. The three musicians began working in 1995 on new songs based on what their deceased partner had started. This is how they launched Free As A Bird y Real Lovewho presented the compilations Anthology 1 y Anthology 2, respectively. However, there was a third composition that they never finished at that time, Now And Then. “It was difficult to hear the piano on the model… And the song was left collecting dust in a drawer,” he explained. McCartney.

The technology that the director’s team Peter Jackson developed for the documentary The Beatles: Get Backreleased in 2021, has made it possible to isolate the voice of John Lennon in the original model. Paul McCartney y Ringo Starrthe two members of the band who are still alive, were able to finish the song with his help.

Now And Then join the voice that Lennon recorded in the 70s, the guitar lines that Harris added in ’95 and new vocal and instrumental parts of McCartney y Starr. Furthermore, one of those responsible for production is Giles Martinthe son of George Martinknown as the fifth beatle.

The single has a video clip, released on November 3 and directed by Peter Jackson. The piece shows again how technology has served to bring together the four members of the Beatleswhich appear together in a studio.

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