Lysandre Nadeau announces that she is pregnant with Claude Bégin, even though they are technically no longer together

Influencer Lysandre Nadeau surprised everyone by revealing on Instagram that she was expecting a child.

Podcast co-host Oral Sex shared an adorable photo of her and her slightly rounded belly, holding an ultrasound in her hand, accompanied by her cat Potato.

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The father of the unborn child is her ex, Claude Bégin, from whom she had announced separation almost a year ago, in August 2021.

“I have been living in my body with a growing little being for 13 weeks now. It was a big surprise for Claude and me”, can we read under the photo.

“Life put something in our path that we hadn’t expected, but we chose to embrace it and do our best. We really love each other, we always communicate with love and respect, and we have the common goal of being good parents for our baby, who is due in February 2023.

Nadeau continues by explaining that they don’t know exactly how they will live this experience together, but that they are ready for anything. Remember that Claude is already the father of a 13-year-old boy.

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The young woman ends the touching announcement by speaking directly to her baby: “My baby, I can’t wait to get to know you. To rediscover the world with you. Let us grow. I can’t wait to hear you laugh, to cuddle you. To see you in the arms of your father, your big brother, your grandparents, your uncles and your aunts (of blood and heart). To see you with our kitties. For all that time, everything I accomplished and crossed was for you. I understand it now. You are my destiny. I like you.”

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At the same time, Lysandre posted a YouTube video in which she answers questions she asked herself 10 years ago.

Near the end of the video, the Lysander from 10 years ago asks her future version if she has children, because she really wants some.

It is then that Lysander today, visibly emotional, responds to him by showing him her little belly.

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The expectant mother does not yet know the gender, but the due date is scheduled for February 10 or 11, 2023.

She ends by specifying that the dad is not technically her lover, but maybe, we do not know. They seem to be clearing it all up.

Congratulations to Lysandre and Claude!

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