M62, the bear that reached the houses. His 10 minutes near the hunters, without attacking anyone – Corriere.it

«Too confident»: this is how the Forest Service and the Autonomous Province of Trento have defined the M62, the bear found dead on Sunday above Lake Molveno. Yes, but is it a problem to be “too confident?”. And with whom? By man and his settlements, of course: the reference is clear. He was so much, M62, that he never hurt anyone. Never an aggression, against man, but certainly many “incursions”, many moments in which he had approached and indeed had entered the villages, up to the doors of some cellar, and even up to a few minutes of company with hunters, just like that.

Among the Forestry reports, an episode of November 17, 2021 is mentioned, when M62 he followed the traces of blood left by the dragging of a deer that had been killed by four hunters in the Contà area: the bear had arrived very close to the hunters, no more than 15 meters from them. An “interaction” with four men that lasted, according to the minutes, at least ten minutes. According to those present there had been no moment of nervousness, the hunters had never had the real feeling of being in danger.

How much confidence, indeed. M62 had already demonstrated, before that episode, that it didn’t fear urbanized landscapes. Almost an attitude that seems to recall that of Juan Carrito in Abruzzo, the bear who died between Roccaraso and Pescasseroli because he was hit by a car on January 22: the residents of the area had also dedicated an Instagram page to him. Juan Carrito arrived at Roccaraso station and the M62 went down to the houses in Val di Sole, or on the Paganella plateau. «He also entered the cellars» declared the president of the Autonomous Province, Maurizio Fugatti, to justify his desire to bring him down. Certainly, like many other bears, M62 also traveled a lot: according to the Province in 2021 it had had an “area”, i.e. a space of movement and movement, of 217 square kilometers.

In May 2021, a person told, with great fear, that he had been followed for a long time, at a distance, by a bear, on a path between Fai della Paganella and Mezzolombardo: but even then, as with the hunters, nothing had happened.

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