Mabrouk Attia explodes with anger in the face of a caller: I mean, is it not a shame when you call me and ask me this question on air?!

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A funny call between Dr. Mabrouk Attia and a caller, a minor argument occurred, and a moment of irritation from him over her question.

The girl said that her mother and father had died with a house, and she tried to inquire about the inheritance and how much is the share of each one.

But the doctor cut her off immediately after she started talking about the house, and he said to her: Shame on you, my daughter, saying this in front of people.. No one can call me or any scholar and tell him I have a house.. Underneath and upstairs…no, that never gets right.

He added: The scholars are not preoccupied with these details. What is important is that I tell you that you have a quarter or a third, and on this basis the entire inheritance is divided.

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