Macabre discovery in a river of Flobecq (Flobecq)

A mass grave near rue du Géron.

Jean-Marc Montegnies

Workers from the Municipality of Flobecq took animal remains and bodies out of a river located near rue du Géron.

Sophie Locatelli and Jean-Marc Montegines, from the non-profit organization Animaux en Peril, have discovered a real mass grave near rue du Géron. “We were warned by colleagues from a Flemish refuge, themselves contacted by neighbors. On the spot the spectacle was mind-blowing. There were the corpses of a pony, sheep, goats, entire bodies, but also remains which suggest that pieces were cut to be eaten. “ It was the communal workers who had the difficult task of removing the dead animals from the river.

“The person who committed this act knew very well what he was doing, Sophie continues. Sometimes one or the other animal is found thrown into a ditch to avoid rendering costs. But, here, it is a question of a premeditated, considered, organized situation. Evidenced by the pony chip that had been removed and the sheep identification tags torn off. “

What happened? Difficult to know until then. “But one can imagine the sufferings of these animals. Moreover, it is difficult to assess the risks of such a situation. If pieces have been eaten, under what conditions were they cut? There is also a health aspect very disturbing. Were the animals thrown into the river sick? Did other animals drink the water? Who knows? We hope the police will get their hands on the culprit (s). Perhaps a walker will have. Has he witnessed anything? In the immediate future, we can only wait. ”

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