Macau F-3 Grand Prix. LIVE. The race will resume after a terrible accident


11:59. Tiktum has had a splendid restart, while the top ten maintain their positions.

11:57. Another round to the pace of the car and the fight will continue. There will be nine laps to the finish line.

11:56. Tiktum-Fenestraz-Ericsson-Hughes Aylott-Schumacher-Aron-Armstrong-Vips-Shvartsman. Here's how the first ten appear behind the safety car.

11:54. Tom Coronel, a Dutch driver, said that, according to team leader Van Amersfoort, Flörs is doing well.

11:53. And here's the restart, the riders go behind the safety car.

11:51. The restart will be given in security mode, reports the press service of Prema.

11:46. The restart of the race is scheduled for 11:55 Moscow time.

11:43. By the way, the pilots are preparing for the restart. The race will continue.

11:41. According to Ferdinand of Hapsburg, Sophia Flursch is alive, she is fine. Reason to exhale?

11:37. Three photographers and a cameraman were seriously injured in the accident, according to Canal Plus. Nothing in the state of Sofia Florsh.

11:35. Judging by the videos from other points of view, several commissioners may have suffered the accident immediately. The one with Sophia Florsch is still unknown. Judging by the video, the forecasts are disappointing, but hopefully everything will be fine.

11:27. According to information from the scene, Sho Tsuboy in order, independently was able to leave the car. The state of Flörsch and the marshals is still unknown.

11:24. According to unconfirmed information, one of the pilots is exactly alive, independently leaving the scene of the accident in an 'ambulance. One of the sheriffs suffered, the severity of the wounds is not reported.

11:20. Here is a video of the incident from the stands. It is worth noting that you should not watch this video for the faint of heart.

You can watch the video inside Twitter by Rob van Gameren.

11:14. It is still unclear what happened to Sho Tsuboy, the second participant in this incident. Judging by the video, he too could seriously suffer.

11:12. The information on the status of the riders is not yet. After such incidents it should not give a restart.

11:06. A terrible accident. A video of the accident of Sophia Florsh appeared in the network – in the third round the pilot flew at full speed against an opponent, after which the car flew out of the stands like a cannon. The status of the riders is not reported. Apparently, Flirsch turned on the straight after the second corner, which is why before the accident he was practically a passenger in his car.

10:59. Now the main question is not the duration of the reboot, not if it will occur. The main question is whether Flash and the race agents are in order.

10:58. That's how it looks after the accident in Macau. Scary silence, to tell the truth. No information yet.

Photo: Macau Grand Prix transmission screen

10:57. New information: the blaze of the car flew over the fence. It is not known if people were behind the network, as well as what is happening now with the pilot.

10:55. I do not want to panic, but the place of the accident is not shown at all.

10:53. According to Twitter, Sophia Florsch suffered in the accident. How serious it is – it is not yet clear.

10:50. The pilots left the cockpit. What happened is not yet clear, but it seems that the restart will not be soon.

10:47. Tiktum-Fenestraz-Eriksson – the first three Schumacher sixth, Schwartzman ninth. When it will restart it will not be reported. To tell the truth, scare the sirens that feel somewhere in the background. The place of the incident in the transmission does not fall. We hope nothing serious has happened.

10:46. At the restart, the first six positions were maintained and an incident occurred where the race was interrupted. What happened exactly – it is not clear.

10:45. Here is another incident – this time a red flag. Interesting …

10:45. Restart, at the finish 12 laps!

10:42. Two of the 15 circles have already been guaranteed under the rhythm car. But the time to compete with the riders will surely remain.

10:40. Mick Schumacher at the start of the three (!!!) laps spent the wheel behind the wheel with Callum Ilott. Once again, to understand what the point is – remember the Monaco track, which does not really know what the Grand Prix of Macao is.

10:39. There's still a car pace on the track – too much debris from the left Sato car. 14 laps are missing to go.

10:37. One of the drivers touched the wall, breaking the rear suspension, another driver flew behind him into the wall, creating a chain reaction. Among those who came down were Keyvan Andres, Alex Palou, Marino Sato (it was from him that the entire whistle started in the third round).

10:35. Fenestraz velielepno started, coming in second place. Mick Schumacher has held the sixth position, Robert Schwartzman is ninth. In the third round there was a block with the participation of several cars at the same time, on the highway a safety car!

10:35. Tiktum started well, keeping the lead in the first corner.

10:34. The lights go out! Went on! 15 laps ahead!

10:30. Pilots are sent to the warm-up lap. Everyone managed to go on normally, nobody died.

10:25. The pilots are already in the cockpit, missing five minutes before the start of the most important race of the season for young drivers. There are drivers of the European Formula 3, GP3, DTM and Formula 3 clubs. Who will be the winner? The answer will know in about 45 minutes!

10:24. Trevor Carlin wishes good luck to his knight, the Frenchman Sasha Fenestraz. It starts near the leaders – the fourth.

10:20. Frankly, on this route it is very difficult to overtake – remember the Munich track and you will understand what is at stake. So it is extremely rare the victory in the race to who has won the qualification.

10:15. Among other things, another interesting fact is that a 51-year-old man will be out at the start of the main race for young drivers. The B-MAX Racing team will make its head Ryuja "Dragon" Kumita. By the way, this is the second gaming experience in Macau for him – last year, however, he dropped the car and did not qualify. This time he managed to take the 23rd position in the qualifying race.

10:05. The riders are already on the grid, it's time to say hello to the fans. By the way, at the beginning there will be a girl – Sophia Florsch from Germany, which shows quite tolerable results in the European Formula 3 this season. By the way, a curious fact about Flörsch – did not spend an entire season in Formula 3, because she dealt with education, so she joined Van Amersfoort only on the stage of Zandvoort, once in the season when entered the points area.

10:00. The riders today are waiting 15 laps in America Monaco. In the qualifying race, the drivers made 10 laps. By the way, the Tiktumu company on the first row of the starting field today will be Joel Eriksson.

9:45. For the Russian Robert Schwartzman, this Macau Grand Prix will be the first of his career, unlike Tiktum and Mick Schumacher – Tiktum won last year, and Schumacher finished in 16th place, putting the best lap in race.

09:25. Curious statistics – Macau in modern history has twice won only three riders: Felix Rosenquist, Antonio Felix da Costa and Edoardo Mortara. None of them in Formula 1 did not hit. Today, Tiktum has a great chance to become a winner twice in this prestigious race. True, the super-licensed points do not give points for the victory in Macao, and Dan is not enough for them to become a Red Bull pilot next year.

9:10. An important point: the start of the competition is scheduled for 10:30 Moscow time. That is, there are a little less than an hour and a half.

9:00 am. It is worth remembering a year ago the Macau Grand Prix – the current poleman Tiktum was the third, when Ferdinand Habsburg attacked Sergio Sette Camara in the last round in the lead in the final lap. Habsburg took the lead in the last round, while Camara lost control and flew to the stops. Ferdinand himself could not avoid touching the attacker. The Austrian on three wheels crossed the finish line in fourth position. The victory, as you know, went to Tiktum.

We recall the events of the Macao Grand Prix last year at Tweeter carlin team.

8:45. During the qualifying race, his winner, Dan Tiktum, had to face several unpleasant moments: during the race a stray dog ​​took to the track, from which Tiktum managed to dodge the track. The race management has released a safety car and at the restart Tiktum has managed to maintain its advantage. The dog, according to unconfirmed information, was not injured.

Briefly on his way to Saturday's victory Tiktum told in "Instagram".

8:35. On the eve of the main event of the Youth Formulas, the WTCR and GT championship races were held in Macao. For WTCR, the stage in Macau was the last one this season, and it's here Gabriele Tarquini he became the champion of the series and the first in the history of the updated league. It is worth noting that for Tarquini, this title became the second in a career in the world on tour – in 2009, he won the WTCC championship.

The GT series race was won by the DTM pilot Augusto Farfus.

Half past eight. Good morning Today, November 18th, the "championship" with you will follow the most prestigious race in the world for young riders: the Macau Formula 3 Grand Prix.

One of the main intrigues of the next Grand Prix can be considered the confrontation between Mick Schumacher and Daniel Tiktum – one won the European Formula 3 championship this season, and the second was very unhappy, pouring enough suspicions to the opponent. dishonesty of his victories.

And the first part of the fight in Macao was won by Tiktum – in Sunday's race will start from the first place, and Mick Schumacher will go into battle only for the sixth – these are the positions that these drivers have completed the qualifying race.

For Russian motor racing fans there is another interesting question: how much will Robert Schwartzman be successful in the youth's main race for the year? In the qualifying race Schwartzman only finished 10th, so today he is in a very difficult situation.


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