Maciej Or³oś’s son is an editor, and Beata Kozidrak’s daughter is a fashion designer. What do the children of stars who avoid the flash of flash do?

03.05.2021 22:15

Very often, children of stars follow the footsteps of famous parents and choose show business as their life path. However, this is not always the case in our home media area. Some children of celebrities have decided to live away from the flashes of flashes.

Maciej Or³o¶, Antoni Or³o¶ Instagram / @maciejorlos

The son of Maciej Or³oś

Maciej Or³oś’s son, Antoni, hosted the “Dzień Dobry TVN” party with his father during the picnic, thanks to which the viewers could learn what he was doing. The journalist’s son kind of followed in his father’s footsteps and also works in the media, but not in front of the camera. Antoni Or³o¶ is a radio editor and editor for Rock Radio. On Instagram, he willingly reports on his other passion, which is music.

Maciej Or³o¶, Antoni Or³o¶
Instagram / @maciejorlos

Ma³gorzata Foremniak, Aleksandra Jêdruszkiewicz

Daughter of Ma³gorzata Foremniak

The first child of Ma³gorzata Foremniak is Aleksandra Jêdruszczak. Initially, Ola wanted to follow in the footsteps of a well-known mother and also take up acting, she even appeared as a guest artist in one of the episodes of the series “Hotel 52”. With time, she decided to take a different path. A few years ago she emigrated to Norway, where she educated herself as a psychologist and therapist. As if that were not enough, she decided to continue her education in a similar field and completed postgraduate studies in psychotraumatology.

Kinga Rusin with her daughters

Daughters of Kinga Rusin and Tomasz Lis

The fruit of the former love of Kinga Rusin and Tomasz Lis are two daughters: Iga and Pola. The younger of them – Iga is a beginner model, and also a student of international relations and history at the private London School of Economics and Political Science. Moreover, she is privately associated with Taco Hemingway, which is of great interest to the media. Her older sister Pola follows her parents’ footsteps and tries her hand at journalism.

Helena Englert KAPIF

Daughter of Beata ¦cibakówna and Jan Englert

The daughter of Beata ¦cibakówna and Jan Englert has followed in her parents’ footsteps and is also active in acting. For over five years, viewers have been able to watch her in the series “Colors of Happiness”, in which she plays the role of Angela.

Justyna Steczkowska with her son

The son of Justyna Steczkowska

Leon Myszkowski is the eldest son of Justyna Steczkowska. A few years ago, he made his debut in the media by publishing his culinary book. Currently, he is involved in the blogosphere and acts as a DJ.

Beata Kozidrak with her daughters East News

Daughters of Beata Kozidrak

Beata Kozidrak and Andrzej Pietras had two daughters. The older one, Katarzyna, also deals with music. She once performed with her ensemble, but in recent years you can most often listen to her in Bajmu’s choirs. Agata’s younger daughter chose fashion, not music. It already has its own clothing brand.

Maryla Rodowicz, Andrzej Du¿yñski and Jêdrzej Du¿yñski

The son of Maryla Rodowicz

Jêdrzej Du¿yñski is the son of Maryla Rodowicz and Andrzej Du¿yñski. Despite the fact that he was interested in music at one time, he did not manage to achieve great success in this industry. He deals with photography on a daily basis.

Cezary ¯ak and Katarzyna ¯ak with their daughters East News

Daughters of Katarzyna and Cezary ¯ak

The ¯aków daughters are not actresses. One of them, Zuzanna, is a doctor, and the other, Aleksandra, works as a producer of children’s programs. The actress in an interview with “Dzień Dobry TVN” admitted that she was glad that they did not go into show business.

I laid my hands on God, lest it would happen. It’s prayed out. I thought it was a very difficult job for a woman. Besides, being the daughters of a very popular father, they would have a very hard time – said Katarzyna ¯ak in the breakfast room.

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