Mack Roesch has a new girlfriend. Who is it?


Mack Roesch returns to Team Famosos in Exatlon USA’s fifth season.

The former participant of the fourth season of the Telemundo sports reality show, Exatlon United States, Mack Roesch, from his first time in the competition, during the second season, and then in the fifth, where he had a participation that was hit by an injury that slowed down his path that, otherwise, could have taken him to the grand final, Well, there is no doubt that he has been one of the best athletes who has set foot in the so-called “fiercest competition on the planet”.

Mack Roesch: Athlete and heartthrob

But although Roesch, both in the second and in the fifth installments, surprised everyone with his sports skills, he also took advantage, at the time, to get love, after having conquered the then reporter of the competition program, Jessica Cediel.

Both had a sounded romance that even led to a marriage proposal that just months later ended, and with that breakup came a series of bickering of both parties that monopolized headlines and the press of the heart everywhere, and even, generated a heated battle for the engagement ring that to this day, it is unknown if Jessica eventually returned.

After all the scandal, both Jessica and Mack made the decision not to touch the subject publicly anymore and both undertook different projects. Mack Roesch returned to the fifth season of Exatlon United States, and Cediel, for his part, is conducting different television programs in his native Colombia and at the same time, undertaking various projects together with his sisters.

Although on Mack’s side, although he has remained single, the young obstacle expert has been linked to the Puerto Rican star Maripily, but it was not until recently, when Roesch revealed that his heart is occupied by a beautiful girl named Darianny soto, who is a lawyer and with whom she is seen enjoying different moments, something typical of a young couple.

With the message “These Are The Good Days” and different hashtags alluding to the couple, Mack Roesch revealed to the world that he is in love and the opinion of his followers did not wait. While many congratulated him for this new relationship and for the beauty of the girl who accompanies him, other followers of the famous athlete assure that she is “identical to his ex Jessica Cediel.”

Courtesy Instagram Mack Roesch

But Darianny, Mack’s new girlfriend, only had thanks to everyone who sent them their best wishes: “Gentlemen !!! I am in love with Mack Roesch and his cute comments! OMG, you guys are very special !! My Insta is crashed right now, but I promise you a live soon so you can meet me !! Kisses blessings “he assured, to which Mack only replied:” My love. “

Either way, we hope that with this new romance with Darianny, Mack Roesch will find all the peace he has been looking for in a partner who understands him and with whom he can bond like never before.

Congratulations to the couple!


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