Macri remarks to Larreta that the strategy is not moderation

Mauricio Macri He returned this week fully to the political arena. He did it with an agenda loaded with interviews with like-minded journalists (Joaquin Morales Solá was the first), a book on the horizon (his own “Sincerely” in which the former Minister of Culture works, Pablo Avelluto), and seeking to claim ownership of the flags.

“Dear Argentines: the growing peaceful mobilizations, the courage and conviction of the people who accompany them, are the demonstration that despite our current problems we have to be very optimistic about our future,” he wrote on Twitter after the National flag of the 12O.

Later, that night with Morales Solá, the former president would insist that the banderazos are a continuation of the “Yes, we can” marches that began on September 28 of last year in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Belgrano, during the campaign, and They were replicated by different provinces, pushing the rise of Together for Change (JXC) from 32.33% in PASO to 41% in October.

Like then, Macri believes that “Yes, you can” build his resurgence. Optimistic about his own future, although he has a strong rejection of two thirds of society (63.1%), he believes that the numbers of his hard core still support him: 34.1% accompany him (drops to 25% if only the province of Buenos Aires is taken into account).

That hard core is represented in the flags, a show of force that deeply hurts the ruling party and more specifically Kirchnerism, which believes it has lost the strength of the convocation, and would like to be able to sweep them away with a truck, as synthesized by the comedian turned radio journalist , Daddy Brieva.


“Mauricio is like a key strategic piece. It’s essential. It can be anything, but it is indispensable as a reference figure. The moment of defeat was in August of last year, from there everything began to rise ”, he insists Hernan Lombardi, who is designated as the Marcos Peña of this rearmed macrista. The former Media Secretary has been one of the declared promoters of the “self-convened” marches, which are also attended Luis Brandoni, Patricia Bullrich, Alfredo Cornejo and Luis Petri among others.

“We are not calling, we are joining, fighting. The march is spontaneous by the citizens, in various parts of the country against government policies, ”Petri told NOTICIAS while driving on July 9 in 12O. The “autoconvocados” are the extreme right of the crack, a voter who is associated with the hawks of Together for Change, but also with the space that today leads Jose Luis Espert, to which Javier Milei has just joined, and that according to the latest polls holds 10% of the predilections.

“That space is today to look at, it has grown a lot and could generate a headache for Together for Change if it does not manage to incorporate it as it intends to do with López Murphy,” says the political scientist Facundo Nejamkis, looking at the data of a national survey of Opina Argentina, on 1500 face-to-face cases, published days ago. A segment that also conquers “radicalized” young voters, the reaction to “les pibis” K, as a mark in the analysis after the 12O march of one of its referents, the Buenos Aires deputy Ofelia Fernández.


“It is clear that there is a dispute over leadership,” warns Hugo Haime. Macri is not determined to hand over the post so easily to Rodríguez Larreta, who is beginning to have a national projection with María Eugenia Vidal as an ally.

And with a deeply anti-Peronist hard core – “those of the banderazos are more gorillas than King Kong”, defines a JXC reference close to Macri in private -, “it is logical that Mauricio is more interested in going for those voters than the idea of Pelado to add moderate Peronists ”, he points out. “The people who vote for us still see Mauricio ordering the space, and seducing those who elected Gómez Centurión or Espert”, they endorse.

It coincides with the public statements of the former president, who denied having ceded the political thread in his government precisely to “filoperonists” who align themselves with Larreta today: Emilio Monzó and Rogelio Frogerio. “Mauricio’s self-criticism after a year is not to have closed more in his red circle when we just pointed the opposite from the beginning of the campaign. It is clear that we do not understand each other ”, recognized after the reappearance of the former president this week a Buenos Aires reference of space.

In that territory, they fear that Macri wants to be a candidate. “Today we lose in the province, but with him it would be a crushing one,” says one of the shipowners in the province, pointing to the stampa silence of the mayors of space in the face of the former president’s statements.

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