Macron tries to impose his vision of progressives against populists


The first meeting of the LRM inauguration committee, dedicated to Europeans, was held on Thursday. The party must present 79 candidates in January 2019.

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This is his leitmotiv. Almost six months after the European elections, Emmanuel Macron tries more than ever to summarize the question of the election of May 26, 2019 to a duel between "Progressive" is "Nationalists". The President of the Republic wants to federate the pro-European against the far-right forces of the Old Continent (the French Marine Le Pen, the Hungarian Viktor Orban and the Italian Matteo Salvini).

"We have forgotten which party won the last European elections in France – the national front [rebaptisé Rassemblement national, RN]. I hope he will not win, he said on 6 November, on Europe 1. To counter the populist wave, he also dramatized the European post in recent days, drawing a parallel between the current period and that of the interwar period. "We must remember the precariousness of peace", said Thursday, November 8, during an interview on France 3.

In contrast, Macron's binary vision is strongly disputed. Especially in the old government parties, who are actually marginalized. Wednesday, on Inter France, the president of the Republicans (LR), Laurent Wauquiez, accused the head of state to follow "A terribly cynical strategy to say" it's me or chaos "". Same observation on the side of the PS, where a desire is denounced "Make this election a referendum between two extreme and simplistic conceptions of Europe".

But also the presidential division is judged "Adapter" at the heart of the majority. The MoDem, which is however the main ally of the Republic of brands (LRM) for Europeans, has recently distanced itself from "A binary behavior", to judge this "Orban-Macron Neckline" was "Not a national division".

Tactical designed in two phases

Also within LRM, …


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