Macronas supports Lithuania over migrants, Nausėda calls on EU to resolve crisis

He also stressed the need to de-escalate tensions at Ukraine’s borders, where Russia has recently stepped up military activity.

“We see that there are certain risks accumulating in these countries (Belarus and Ukraine – BNS), to which we, as partners of the EU and NATO, have to find a way to respond,” Nausėda said in Paris on Tuesday.

According to him, Russia’s mobilization of military forces near Ukraine poses a risk to the country’s “territorial integrity and sovereignty”.

According to the Lithuanian leader, the security of Kiev must be ensured, because Ukraine is “a very important territory for Europe as a guarantor of security”.

Aims to strengthen cooperation

Speaking about the migrant crisis in Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, the President emphasized Minsk’s disrespect for human rights and the need to protect them.

“Unfortunately, we see that the Belarussian regime, which has shown disrespect for the human rights of its citizens, is now showing exactly the same disrespect for the human rights of migrants. (…) Therefore, I very much appreciate the efforts of both you and the EU so that we can try to find ways to prevent this crisis, which is becoming a humanitarian crisis, ”the Lithuanian President said in his address to E. Macronas.

“First of all, we need to talk about protecting the EU’s external border. Much has already been done at EU level to strengthen this protection. We really feel that support. “We need to work on the repatriation of migrants and stop new flights to Belarus, which increases the risk of people suffering at the EU border,” he added.

Like other Western leaders, Mr Macron called the migration crisis at Belarus’s eastern border a hybrid attack by Belarus. According to him, the Community has responded with unanimity to the situation, but needs to step up cooperation in tackling the problem.

“It simply came to our notice then. “We continue to work for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (Philippi Grandi – BNS) to work in Belarus to organize the return of migrants to their countries of origin,” he said.

“We need to strengthen border security and work with third countries,” he added.

Changes in Community legislation

Mr Macron said Europe was supporting “eastern countries with border security”.

He also said that the migrant crisis had opened up some gaps in Community legislation: “Our EU refugee and migration management system can be improved.”

At the end of October, EU leaders called on the European Commission to propose “any necessary changes to the EU’s legal framework”.

Lithuania is actively seeking a review of Community legislation, which sets out clear rules on measures to be taken by countries facing similar hybrid attacks.

This year, almost 4.2 thousand people entered Belarus illegally from Belarus. migrants. As a result, a state of emergency has been declared in the country, and with the deterioration of the situation in early November, a state of emergency has been declared at the border for a month.

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