Mad Box: a design was chosen, and it's not that bad


The Mad Box is not expected for several years, but Slightly Mad Studios is particularly talkative from the announcement of his ultra powerful console. For example, the study offers £ 10,000 to all those who find a perfect slogan, but above all, CEO Ian Bell seems already set on the design of the car.

Yep, Slightly crazy studies apparently he chose the appearance of his Mad boxand, without much surprise, is the one shown in the image above which is selected, based on the feedback from the players. To put it simply, here it is a console with a very classic look, but with clearly visible air intakes and above all a front touch screen, to access various information. It's not stupid, is it?

Ian Bell made it clear that, of course, this design is not completely definitive, it may change slightly over timebut we have a great idea of ​​what the Mad Box is Slightly crazy studies at its exit.

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