MADE IN ENGLAND: The title is in the right hands, City have a treble. There is one question mark for Guardiola

“Hats off to City! Three titles in a row is a great feat. During the season, it didn’t look like a golden hat-trick, Arsenal led for a long time. But then he had weak moments and constant pressure from a hungry City. Arsenal dropped a lot of points against the bottom of the table and also lost twice against City, who just won the victory over the main rival.

The title is in the right hands.

In addition to the two wins over Arsenal, the correct head setting and more experience from the matches were decisive. Citizens focused only on themselves and believed in their own abilities, that’s why they are first again. They were also helped by a wide and balanced squad, which was shown, for example, in Sunday’s match against Chelsea. Compared to the second leg of the Champions League semi-final, the line-up differed by nine places, yet it was another victory.

I also have to stop at coach Guardiola, who once again showed his exceptionality. He knows how to prepare for the opponent and how to surprise him, which was also seen against Arsenal. Pep has the team on his side and knows how to come up with a plan B. He has been at the club for seven years, yet he still has something to give. In the transfer periods, he brings in a few new players or integrates talented boys from the junior team, and the team continues at its standard.

A treble is on the cards after the Premier League title, much talked about in connection with City. Is it realistic? In my opinion, certainly, FA Cup and Champions League trophies are not unattainable for City today. I wonder if Guardiola would continue with the team even after three cups in one season. Wouldn’t he go try another challenge? Next weeks will tell.

City lost the title to Arsenal on Saturday in Nottingham, who saved themselves thanks to it. Honestly, it wasn’t that big of a surprise again. The boys from Arsenal must have had in their heads that it would be difficult for them to catch up with City’s lead, which must have had an impact on their psyche. Disappointment from the development of the season also played a role: the Gunners led the Premier League for 248 days, but still finished second.

I think that if Arsenal managed at least one battle with City, the end of the league could have turned out differently. But this is how the players’ self-confidence was eroded and they lost points even in matches in which it was not expected of them.

On the other hand, if someone had told them before the season that they would be second, they would have taken it that way. They will be disappointed for a few more weeks, but Arsenal have a lot to build on. If the young team is supplemented by more experienced players who will be able to handle difficult matches, the club has an interesting future. But he has to keep working hard and not rest on his laurels, which I don’t think the hard-working coach Arteta would allow anyway. That’s why I’m not worried about Arsenal.

Troubled Tottenham are worse off. Much worse. Eighth place is unexpected after the penultimate round. The Roosters experienced a season like a see-saw, up and down and back again. The management should intervene vigorously and make a radical cut over the summer. Whether the cups come out or not. Tottenham, with their size and tradition, should be fighting for trophies, instead they will be shaking until the last minute if they get to Europe. He only loses a point, but it can easily stay like this even after Sunday.

We’ll see how big the personnel draft will be. It should concern the players and quite possibly the coach, young Ryan Mason is more of a stand-in. Tottenham have lost face in recent years and although they have quality players, they do not form a productive team together. It’s a cliché, but an individual won’t win you a match. You need a team with everything.

They know it well, for example, in Brighton, who will play in the European Cup for the first time in their history. Coach De Zerbi did a great job and put together an interesting team. Argentinian midfielder Mac Allister, German all-rounder Gross, captain Dunk… They all know their role in detail and together they create a sympathetic impression. They are playing good football and something tells me that they might not lose in the cup either. I wonder how far they will go myself. By the way, the ninth Brentford also has a chance for Europe, it would be a big premiere for him as well. It’s a similar case to Brighton: I like the philosophy of smaller but successful clubs.

In addition to the cups, there is also a game for survival, only Southampton is certain of relegation. Three teams are playing for the only safe place. It’s psycho because you know you can’t make a mistake. Everton? Leeds? Leicester? My guess is that the first two named will go down. I think Leicester will hold on, but it will be nerves until the final whistle. This is also the Premier League, probably the best competition in the world.”

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