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Funchal. Wednesday evening at 6.30pm local time Madeira a serious bus accident. 29 people died, 27 of them were German citizens.

Madeira: the driver of the bus lost control – 29 dead

In a curve near the town of Caniço, the bus driver lost control of his vehicle and left the road. The bus fell on an embankment and crashed into a house.

The survivors of the heavy bus crash of Madeira with 29 deaths they defined a brake failure as a probable cause of an accident. The authorities have warned against hasty judgments. The driver of the bus of the misfortune attributed the accident, according to a local newspaper, to the "technical failure" of his vehicle. The regional newspaper "Jornal da Madeira" based its report on a representative of the transport union on the Portuguese tourist island, who visited the fifty-five-year-olds in the hospital in the capital of the island, Funchal. For the moment, the competent authorities have not disclosed any information on the ongoing investigations.

According to Portuguese media reports, the injured bus driver is very experienced and reliable. The man had been subjected to an alcohol test immediately after the accident Wednesday night in Funchal, which turned out to be based on official negative data. According to survivors and eyewitnesses, before the accident, he would try to slow down the pace of the ever faster bus on the winding winding road, among other things, by touching a concrete wall on the side of the road.

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas visited Thursday in the Portuguese Atlantic island. There he met his counterpart Augusto Santos Silva, he visited the accident scene, where he laid a wreath and thanked the assistants. Another appointment before returning to Germany was a visit to the hospital.

The injured people were returned to Germany

Saturday morning at 6 clock he launched a Bundeswehr plane from Cologne-Wahn to Madeira. The "MedEvac" machine is to bring the wounded back to Germany.

This aircraft is considered a flying intensive care unit. 44 patients can be transported lying down inside. Six places are provided for intensive care. The Cologne Air Force maintains such an aircraft ready for emergencies.

Landing at Cologne airport

Shortly after 17:00, the special plane landed in Cologne. The Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Armin Laschet (CDU), welcomed the wounded, according to the State Chancellery in the military part of the Cologne-Wahn airport.

The 15 wounded on board the machine come from North Rhine-Westphalia Rhein-Erft-Kreis, from the Ruhr and from the Lower Rhine, as well as from Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt and Baden-Württemberg, as announced by the city of Cologne.

The ambulance service of the cathedral city is ready with its teams and vehicles for further transport of the seriously injured. Several ambulances were in the airport convoy before landing on the plane. Eyelashes thanks to paramedics, doctors and crew of the "MedEvac" flying intensive care unit.

Survivor believes in brake failure

A slightly injured passenger reported Thursday from his impressions. "I think the brakes don't work. I can't imagine another cause. The bus left the Quinta Splendida, after a few seconds it became faster and faster. It hit the wall, we immediately thought it was out control. He got faster and faster, and then he rolled over, "said the man, according to a report by the online newspaper" Observador ".

He had broken a rib in the accident, according to the report, his wife was slightly wounded in the neck. The age and the origin of the couple were not called "Observador". In the "focal point" of the ARD came a German couple with the same description to say. The woman said that a suggestion about the outward flight probably made them come away slightly. The plane explains what to do. "We huddled together like children. And this was our luck."

Madeira: 29 tourists died in a bus accident

At least 29 people died in the accident. First, there were 28 dead.

A total of 51 passengers were on the bus. Twenty-two of them were injured and taken to a hospital in the capital of the island of Funchal. This was reported by the Lusa news agency.

Among the dead there are also people from North Rhine-Westphalia, confirmed the Prime Minister NRW, according to the "WDR". The state government was in close contact with the local authorities. However, how many of the victims of NRW are unclear.

The names of the hotels describe the origin of the dead

According to the hotel, where tourists were hosted, the dead are Germans from different parts of the Federal Republic.

It was not a common group, but travelers arriving in Madeira on various dates, said a staff member of the hotel "Quinta Splendida" in the city of Caniço on Thursday morning at the news agency.


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The driver and tour guide should be injured survivors. Several other injured were taken to a hospital in the capital of the island, Funchal.

Federal Government: "Terrible news from Madeira"

Steffen Seibert, a spokesman for the federal government, has now spoken on Twitter about the misfortune. "Our deep pain is for all those who lost their lives in the downed bus, our thoughts are with the wounded," he says. Interested family members can contact the Foreign Office on 030 5000 2000.

Unhealthy place closed in a spacious way

On Thursday morning, two dozen rescue vehicles were activated until 5 pm. The police have isolated the area around the accident site.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, Portuguese president, wanted to go to Madeira in the evening. In the end he decided not to do it, because the military aircraft might be necessary for the transport of wounded on the continent.

He condemned the evening of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

This is Madeira

The Atlantic island of Madeira, also known as the "flower island", is located off the northwest coast of Africa. It is a popular tourist destination for hikers, divers and golfers. Most tourists come from the United Kingdom and Germany. (vh / ms / fel / ak / lin with dpa)

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