Madeleine of Sweden brings out her wedding tiara matching a Cartier bracelet for her new gala photos

The Royal Court of Sweden has shared new photos of the family members and Princess Madeleine made an impression in her floral dress, wearing her wedding tiara on her head and a Cartier bracelet on her wrist. The second daughter of the King of Sweden is sumptuous in this series of official photos on the eve of her 40th birthday.

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Princess Madeleine pulls out her fringed tiara from her wedding

In a few weeks, the youngest daughter of the King of Sweden will celebrate her 40th birthday. A milestone already passed by his brother, Prince Carl Philip in 2019, and by his older sister, Crown Princess Victoria, in 2017. On March 29, 2022, the Royal Court of Sweden updated the website of the Royal House , unveiling at the same time a series of new official portraits of members of the royal family, who pose in turn, together or in groups, in civilian and gala outfits.

Princess Victoria wears a floral dress from a Swedish designer, the Love bracelet from Cartier and her wedding tiara (Photo: Thron Ullberg/Kungl. Hovstaterna)

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Photos of Princess Madeleine did not go unnoticed. For her new official gala photos, Princess Madeleine chose to wear a floral dress with a transparent neckline, designed by Ida Sjöstedt, a Swedish designer. Among the many tiaras owned by the Swedish royal family, it was her wedding tiara that Princess Madeleine chose to wear.

The royal family of Sweden has several tiaras with fringes. The tiara worn by Princess Madeleine at her wedding appeared to be a modern version and little was known about this tiara. The tiara was featured in an exhibition at the Royal Palace in Stockholm in 2017. The tag next to the tiara stated that it was a gift from the King and Queen to their daughter, on the occasion of her marriage in 2013 to Christopher O’Neill. We therefore know that this jewel now belongs to Princess Madeleine.

The fringed tiara worn by Princess Madeleine has belonged to her since her marriage in 2013 (Photo: Thron Ullberg/Kungl. Hovstaterna)

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In addition to the fringed tiara, Princess Madeleine wears diamond earrings in her new gala photos. On the wrist, we also notice that she wears the classic Love bracelet from Cartier. Definitely, Princess Madeleine has chosen to wear several romantic jewels for her new official photos.

The Royal Court of Sweden has shared gala photos but also photos in civilian clothes. In her photos without pageantry, Princess Madeleine is just as lovely. She is wearing a Valentino dress Valentino dress in crepe de chine with floral prints. The silk dress is pleated and has a satin collar trimmed with lace.

Princess Madeleine wears a Valentino dress in her formal photos (Photo: Linda Broström/Kungliga Hovstaterna)

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Princess Madeleine wears very discreet earrings. These are fine drooping chopsticks from Ebba Brahe. Neither Princess Madeleine’s husband nor their three children appear in the new photos. The Court has chosen to focus its attention only on members of the Royal Family who are members of the Royal House. Princess Madeleien’s children have not been members of the Royal House since autumn 2019, following a restructuring of the House.

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