Madness! At the moment it is "Avengers 4", but for a trailer it is not enough


The co-director of "Avengers 4" Joe Russo spoke with fans of the upcoming blockbuster Marvel in a question and answer session. to. with regard to running time, the waiting trailer and even the title …

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Every day the fans await the trailer for "Avengers 4". Finally, the "Infinity War" Seeker begins on 25 April 2019 in local cinemas. Dooch is not yet awaiting only the first moving image material, although the title is not yet known. More is discussed hot on the network, as it could continue in the final battle of the Marvel heroes against Thanos. Now co-director Joe Russo at least once reveals some new details about the blockbuster and goes with it, we have to wait for a trailer probably much more than expected.

In a story about Instagram, answer fan questions (watch the modest audio video on YouTube YouTube channel) MCU Cosmic). The brother and co-director of Anthony Russo asked some questions and mentioned that the trailer could not be released until 2019, so just before the release of the cinema. To make a comparison: the first trailer of a month before the launch of the MCU launch "Captain Marvel" (performed on us on March 7) was released in September 2018. However, we believe in the smokescreen of a director, who unlikely to have any influence on the publication policy of the trailers. We continue to expect a release in late November. On November 21st and 28th they circulated for a while on the web as possible data.

The longest Marvel movie of all time?

There would certainly be more than enough to show: Currently, the term "Avengers 4" should not be less than three hoursHowever, this is only a preliminary cut, so there will be some changes to the film version. Joe Russo explained: The final cut is currently about halfway and one should wait and see if it stays with this length. Even the visual effects are far from being complete, just scratching on the surface. With a run time of 156 minutes, the predecessor "Avengers 3" is the longest MCU film to date. So for the grand finale of the old Guard of the Avengers you could add a few more minutes.

The title of "Avengers 4" is …

Even the small surprise announcement, in the new part everything would have been a bit bigger and more epic, not missing Joe Russo. So the director says that the stakes would have been closed this time "100 percent higher than" Avengers 3: Infinity War ""If this is purely mathematically possible, it is open to the question, but since it is in "Avengers 4" so no less than the fate of the multiverse, it is obvious, of course, that this time against Thanos something more at stake.

As the film should mean, Russo also reveals in the video, which is coming to an end right now (very graciously ripped). The hottest candidates are definitely "Annihilation", "Assemble" and "End Game". This last one would be at least good for the keyword "Higher bets"Fit.


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