Madonna takes a hard line against Instagram’s censorship rules

Superstar Madonna (63) has now chosen to republish photos that Instagram has previously removed from her account without warning.

The 63-year-old responds that one is still living in a culture where female nipples are sexualized.

“Can not a man’s nipple be perceived as erotic?”, She asks in a post on Instagram where she shares her frustration over Instagram’s censorship rules.

She recently posted a photo that was previously supposed to have been removed by Instagram, because a small part of her nipple appeared. Now, however, she has covered it with a heart emoji.

Responds to the rules

In the caption, Madonna writes that she will now republish photos that are removed from her account without warning.

She further writes that: “It is still amazing to me that we live in a culture that allows every part of the female body to be shown except the nipples. As if it is the only part of a woman’s anatomy that can be sexualized. Nipple that nourishes children! »

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Madonna does not hide what she thinks about women being censored on social media, but also adds several ways women, according to her, are oppressed.

“Thank you for being able to maintain my sanity through four decades of censorship – sexism, ageism and misogyny,” the star writes.

Different response from fans

In the comments section, several have spoken out in support of Madonna in the fight for equal rights between women and men.

But she has not only received a positive response to the post. Several have expressed their dissatisfaction with how she looks and that she herself contributes to old age.

“It’s time to change image,” some write in the comments section, while others comment that the 63-year-old has an unrealistic appearance in relation to his age.

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Criticism for lightly dressed image

However, this is not the first time Madonna has received reactions for lightly dressed photos on Instagram.

After the superstar injured herself during a concert in Paris in March 2020, she posed topless in front of the bathroom mirror with a black hat on her head. She leaned against a crutch under her right arm, holding her hands in front of her breasts.

“Everyone has a crutch,” she wrote under the photo.

Several took the opportunity to praise the pop star in the clouds for her youthful appearance in the comments section. Some, however, were not as excited about the sight of Madonna, and several claimed that she shares lightly dressed photos to stay relevant.

Several are against the censorship rules

There are several well-known profiles who have also expressed their dissatisfaction with the censorship rules of Instagram. One of these is Sophie Elise Isachsen (26).

Earlier this year, Isachsen shared a post by herself in a fairly transparent dress with the text:

“I think about how sick it is that women are called whores and deleted from Instagram if you show a nipple, but for men it’s just a normal day at the beach / training / whatever. You almost have to laugh at it, because my God, we humans are stupid. In fact, I can not find a single logical reason why it is still like that.

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