Madrid boasts of having "the lowest taxes" and be the region "most supportive in Spain"

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The Community of Madrid boasts of being the region with the “lowest” taxes and, at the same time, the community what else contributes to the regional financing system. Fedea verified this Monday that the community governed by Isabel Díaz Ayuso contributes just over 6,000 million to the system, triple what Catalonia gives and well above the 334 million offered by the Balearic Islands, while the rest of the regions are recipients of money. And from the Madrid Executive they have wanted to use these figures to value their management.

“Far from the mantra of the left, which said that Madrid applies a supposed dumping prosecutor, we find the opposite. Madrid, with the lowest taxes, manages to be the most supportive autonomous community in all of Spain”, stated the new Minister of Economy and Finance, Dew Albert.

“If a reform of the regional financing system were proposed, from Madrid we would be the first to demand fairer financing,” continued the successor to Javier Fernández-Lasquetty. “However, knowing Sánchez and his government, we know that it will not be fair. It will benefit the Catalans because with them he receives the support of the independence movement to form his government even more Frankenstein“, has warned.

The strength of the Madrid economy It is unquestionable, and the regional government always emphasizes that low tax pressure attracts investment, generates wealth and creates a virtuous circle that ends up resulting in greater economic growth and well-being. But what is not pointed out with such intensity is that there is also a capital effectwhich allows the community to apply certain policies that would be difficult to achieve in other regions.

The aforementioned Fedea document, signed by its director and great expert in regional financing, Ángel de la Fuente, also shows that Madrid contributes 24% of what it collects to the system as a whole, while Catalonia remains at 9%.

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