Madrid wants to take the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona


The President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has advanced that the Regional Government will do everything possible to bring to the capital the Mobile World Congress, which is currently taking place in Barcelona.

“We are ready to host the Mobile,” the regional leader said in a news briefing, organized by Europa Press, in Madrid.

Ayuso has stressed that the capital has demonstrated, hosting events such as the recent Climate Summit, which is ready for anyone “of any magnitude and difficulty involved.” Visitors will have “all the freedom to move, to interact and to undertake”.

The regional president has revealed that he has been talking “for weeks” with organizers and criticized the treatment given to them by Catalan politicians. “We think this is an event that can be celebrated in Madrid and which I have been interested in other times,” he said.

In parallel, as every year, the mobile fair is once again in Barcelona with the threats of strike in transport. The bus and taxi are pressing the administration with protests these days.

Colau responds to Ayuso

Speaking to La Sexta, the Mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, said that Ayuso “is sadly accustoming to confrontational and incendiary statements”, and said that with this new idea “he is demonstrating a complete lack of understanding of the institutional relationship with the economic world. ” According to Colau, Ayuso “shows that he does not know how the holding of large congresses works” because “what he likes most about this economic activity is that there is confrontation and what he wants is collaboration.”

In her Twitter profile, the mayor said that “Ayuso fuels confrontation and controversy. This is not the way.” “Years of hard work and collaboration between administrations. This is the key behind successful events like the Mobile World Congress that Mrs. Ayuso seems to be unaware of,” she wrote on social media.



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