Maduro and Petro advance joint plans to exploit Venezuelan gas and oil

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Gustavo Petro arrived this Saturday at Venezuela to meet with Nicolas Maduro for the fifth time since coming to power 15 months ago. All the meetings held so far have taken place on Venezuelan soil, even on one occasion in border territory, but never in Colombia. Another historic visit, as the “son of Chávez” insisted, between two countries that are part of the so-called Patria Grande.

“It is very likely that (the Colombian) Ecopetrol will become a partner of PDVSA (Petróleos de Venezuela) in the exploitation of gas and oil fields in Venezuela,” Petro announced in his joint statements with his ally Maduro, giving it such importance that even defined it as the “principle of energy integration” between both countries. The New Granada president even compared it to the beginnings of the European Common Market.

Common projects now possible thanks in part to the relaxation of energy sanctions imposed by Washington since 2019. With this operation, Petro’s government seeks to lower the price of gasoline, whose increases lead to criticism in Colombian society.

Petro also placed special emphasis on preparing joint initiatives for the expected drought in the coming months, “perhaps the worst in history.”

In the ears of both leaders the screams still echoed in their stadiums during the last soccer tie (Out, Petro!” and “This government is going to fall!”), which accompanied the latest polls, not at all friendly to the two friends. 80% of Venezuelans would vote for the opposition leader, María Corina Machado, while barely 15% of the population opts for the “people’s president.”

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