Maduro arrives in China to collect funds for his presidential campaign

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“Ready for what will be a historic visit to strengthen ties of cooperation and the construction of a new global geopolitics. Good news will rain for the Venezuelan people,” he said. Nicolas Maduro after landing yesterday in the Chinese city of Shenzhen. The “son of Chávez”, who has limited his international travel to the maximum since the 2019 opposition challenge, began with this prediction a visit that seeks to “strengthen his ties with the illiberal axis, not only for its survival, but to remove Venezuela from of their isolation,” María Puerta Riera, a professor of American government in Florida, explained to EL MUNDO.

Maduro go back to china five years later, precisely when world leaders have met in the other Asian giant, India, for a Summit of the G20 in which Chinese leader Xi Jinping will not participate. The Chinese Foreign Ministry assured that Maduro’s stay will last until the 14th.

“China and Venezuela have formed an unbreakable iron relationship. They firmly support Venezuela to safeguard its national independence and dignity,” said the vice president. Delcy Rodriguez, who has previously traveled to Shanghai and Beijing to meet with Xi Jinping’s foreign minister. “A brotherhood that is proof against everything,” he certified. Nicolasito Maduroson of the president, who is part of the Venezuelan delegation.

The Asian government also made it clear for its part, ensuring that it is willing to climb a “new step” in its bilateral relations. The support of the great autocratic regimes on the planet (China, Russia, Iran, Cuba) was fundamental for Maduro to survive the international pressure led by the United States.

“Taking advantage of the fact that Russia is immersed in an atrocious war that weakens the Putin regime, Xi positions himself as the leader of an anti-Western and anti-liberal alliance. Maduro will take advantage of the platform to demonstrate that he is defeating his enemies,” Puerta Riera added. .

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