Maduro counterattacks and accuses the opposition of violating the Barbados agreement

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Nicolás Maduro is not satisfied with dynamiting the partial agreements of Barbados by ordering the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) to annul the opposition primaries, which underpinned the political phenomenon that it represents today Maria Corina Machado. He president people has gone a step further by accusing the Unitary Platform and its own unitary leader, the former political prisoner Leopoldo López and the former governor Henrique Capriles, of violating the Barbados agreements.

“The extreme right are incorrigible. In their mischief of cheating and evil, of fraud and violence. They are anti-patriarch, the traitors come out of their pores. We signed an agreement to bring them into the fold of democracy, but they left there and now they have started a campaign against the Essequibo referendum, which violates the Barbados agreements and offends the people,” Maduro shouted surrounded by the main leaders of Chavismo.

Once again the world is upside down, that unknown dimension that the revolution likes so much, which also has extensive experience when it comes to breaking agreements, even with its admired Francisco. The Pope complained about Caracas’ attitude after the 2016 and 2017 talks, which ended with Chavista leaders accusing Pietro Parolin, Francis’s right-hand man, of being a fascist. The same coined today against Machado.

On this occasion, the revolutionary strategy involves taking advantage of the nationalist sentiment around the border territory of Essequibo, in dispute with Guyana for two centuries and administered by Georgetown. A territory forgotten by Hugo Chávez and by Maduro himself for two decades, as Guyana is a historical ally of Cuba and because it is part of the Caribbean community, to which Caracas has always turned to obtain international support.

The tables have turned after the million-dollar energy discoveries in Essequibo, which have twisted the Chavista strategy with respect to Guyana, whose president Maduro accuses of being a “wimp in the pay of Exxon Mobil,” the American oil company responsible for the gold discoveries. black. The Bolivarian Government has called a referendum for December 3 on Essequibo, when the opinion in the country about the Venezuelan nature of the disputed territory is unanimous. Something like raising a question in Spain so that citizens can vote on whether the potato omelette is Spanish or not.

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