Maduro: "The primaries are the chronicle of an announced fraud"

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“Enough of the Machado, enough of the liars, of the extremists! They are the ones who have brought evil to this country for 20 years,” he cried. Nicolas Maduro in his first reaction after the historic primaries of the Venezuelan opposition.

Fresh from the immigration summit in Mexico, the “people’s president” took advantage of his television program “Con Maduro+” to attack the election of the unitary candidate for next year’s elections. “It is the chronicle of an announced fraud, All Venezuelans saw it, the primaries of the extreme right. They are trying to mount a new move (in reference to the 2002 coup d’état), take advantage of the electoral process, disrupt national peace and put the country in violence,” insisted Maduro, who reduced participation (around 2,300,000). people to between 550,000 and 700,000.

“How much bill (money) they brought from Spain, from the north (USA). There will be surprises these days with information,” the Bolivarian boss threatened.

Chavismo had prepared its response in advance to the popular tide that was emerging in the opposition primaries. Once the street is lost, there is always propaganda. And not just Maduro. “There is not a single possibility, but not one, not even half a possibility that a person who is disqualified can be authorized to participate in a presidential election. Even if she is dressed, groomed, hair combed. This lady is not going, let it be very clear, “It’s not going. Under no circumstances,” he insisted for his part. God given hair, number two of the revolution, before the leadership of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV).

During the several months that the primary electoral campaign lasted, Cabello appeared on television every week to swear that these elections would not be contested. Through the Barbados Agreements between the government and the opposition, and due to the efforts of the United States, Chavismo found itself obliged not to prevent the primaries, although he did torpedo them with violence, harassment and information blocking.

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